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As much as I hate to have to do this, unfortunately, the time has come for me to bid a fond goodbye to this blog.

I’ll be relocating shortly; if you wish to follow my new blog, you can email me at for the link or message me over at . I’ve only just now reserved the URL and it’s very much under construction, so I’ll appreciate your patience while I get everything squared away in the next few days. For archival purposes, however, I will leave this blog up.

There are a lot of reasons behind this move, but the biggest one has become a recent development in my personal cosmology. Second to this is my desire to distance myself from what has become of some circles of ‘Luciferians’. Unfortunately it’s gone the way of a popularity contest, which I feel is wasteful and doesn’t represent what I believe. In addition to that, the behavior of some of those individuals who have claimed the label since I became involved in social media circles is, frankly to me, very disturbing. So much so that I no longer wish to associate myself either with the title or those same people that claim it.

And last but not least, and we come to the most important of my reasons, I am very unhappy with how people approach work with the entities that I have come to care about, and the things that I associate with them that I consider sacred. Books, images, and even my own artwork has been stolen for use by other people for their gods even when I have asked that they not be and that people be respectful. All in all, I’m moving towards better defining my path and making it something more personal to me, with no implications or involvement with anyone else. I think it’s better that way for everyone; for my own creativity, my own peace of mind, and most importantly, to let others go their own way without my beleifs impinging on theirs. I plan to work on my own labels and structure from this point foreward.

I thank you all for understanding, and if you’d like, I’ll see you on the other side.


“OKay but why do Luciferians sounds like they always have a thesaurus on hand. They are so high and mighty holy shit. Step off your high horse for five minutes to realize that no one CARES”

“Our vernacular, at least that I’m aware of, comes from the fact that a large majority of Luciferians that I’ve met, theistic or no, enjoy knowledge for the sake of knowledge and simple absorption of information for the sake of personal and spiritual growth. Not to mention the fact straying away from lallation in general makes people more inclined to listen to what you have to say. Surprise! When you conduct yourself with a modicum of tact and sapience, excepting for circumstances in which the linguistic is a parody in and of itself, you look less saxicolous and more serious about what it is you had to say in the first place.”

#not gonna lie #was a bit too amused at my own response not to share it #Luciferian pride 2015 #I laughed so hard writing this I made myself sick

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I haven’t talked about angelic ‘angelkin’ things in such a long, long time. Outside of a tertiary mention here or there. . . and that’s where things start to peter off and I just don’t much bother anymore.

I’ve mentioned now and again I used to run a site for otherkin. That was nearly three years ago; and letting it lapse and walking away from that whole mess was probably the best thing I ever did health-wise. I’d tried for years, but never seemed to be able to do it. But it just got to the point where I thought, ‘I’m not learning from this community any more. It’s time to move on’.

The thing about coming to this realization that you’re something else is; you get caught up in this very human trap of trying to figure out the things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of…

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Archetype Inspirations – The Dreamer

Their dreams are full of prayers and meetings in the woods, were their magic is strong and pure and takes them far away to castles and fairytale gardens where they belong to.

The Rabbis believed, too, that a man might have children by allying himself with a demon, and although they might not be visible to human beings, yet when that man was dying they would hover round his bed, to hail him as their father. At the funeral of a bachelor the Jews of Kurdistan cast sand before the coffin to blind the eyes of the unbegotten children of the deceased.

Semitic Magic, Reginald Campbell Thompson, 1908

has the Jewish Encyclopedia as the source

I greatly prefer at my funeral that the bodiless presences of my unbegotten half-demon children be given the podium to say a few words about me and perhaps invited back afterwards for the smoked fish plate

Definitely do not throw sand in the eyes of my mourning children at my funeral, everyone

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“This is Narooch, spawn of Lamashtu, and he will be saying a few words on behalf of our Dearly Beloved in his ancient ancestral tongue. We warn that this Eulogy may blight the land with drought.”

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Unfortunately, I share a lot of your feelings. You’re not alone. I’m at the point where I’m on the fence about going on hiatus or just cutting tumblr off cold turkey. There’s nothing to learn from this community. I don’t have time for high school cliques and petty gossip, because that’s all this community offers. I have bigger fish to fry and greater things to focus my time on.

I’ve already stated my case; you guys know where I have my serious discussions.


#War is Peace #Friendly reminder that Lucifer wanted to stop #Friendly reminder that Lucifer did not want to fight Michael #He wanted to leave together #He wanted to be with his siblings#He wanted the war to end #Friendly reminder that Lucifer chose family too #and he got fuck all for it [ fatalchild ]



While the world was watching the Academy Awards ceremony, the people of Mosul were watching a different show. They were horrified to see ISIS members burn the Mosul public library. Among the many thousands of books it housed, more than 8,000 rare old books and manuscripts were burned.

“ISIS militants bombed the Mosul Public Library. They used improvised explosive devices,” said Ghanim al-Ta’an, the director of the library. Notables in Mosul tried to persuade ISIS members to spare the library, but they failed.

The former assistant director of the library Qusai All Faraj said that the Mosul Public Library was established in 1921, the same year that saw the birth of the modern Iraq. Among its lost collections were manuscripts from the eighteenth century, Syriac books printed in Iraq’s first printing house in the nineteenth century, books from the Ottoman era, Iraqi newspapers from the early twentieth century and some old antiques like an astrolabe and sand glass used by ancient Arabs. The library had hosted the personal libraries of more than 100 notable families from Mosul over the last century. Read more.

#this is just a tragedy. OMG. DX

For I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition…

There is enough of eternity for everyone to dwell in their own private heaven. Live with the consideration that your definition of does not and shall never have the right to deny another theirs, and all else is circumstantial and trivial.

The Mourning Star

So happy to see that Angel of Illumination is coming to WordPress in search of more tolerant community for fostering discussion. Glad to have you dear!


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Oh you’re welcome! I’ve been studying it pretty…

Yes. I figured they were supposed to be a closed culture, but hadn’t been entirely sure. So thank you for confirming that for me as well. My knowledge of their beliefs is so minuscule. 

Their closed culture status has a lot to do with Ethnicity; their tradition is passed on orally from father to son; there’s a provision in their law for women teaching the traditions too,  but I’m not exactly clear on that part; but its rare, and thats’ why they’re also such a small sect, on top of Muslims considering them devil-worshippers and heretics, which unfortunately brings them into a lot of heated conflict. 

(I’m trying to phrase this in as sensitive a manner as I’m able, so I apologize if I’m not clear on anything)


omourningstar reblogged your post bodaciousbanshee reblogged your post a… and added:

This isn’t entirely accurate. Their sacred text states that he is called ‘satan’ by the [infidels]…

Ah. Thank you for this. I have been wondering about it for some time. 

Oh you’re welcome! I’ve been studying it pretty durned hard recently, including memorizing the scriptures, and that’s the only reason I know anything about it at all. Keeping in mind that the Yezidi are a very secretive (and closed!) culture; so what little we know about them and their ideas is very scant from an outside perspective. But there you have it.





*still watching the Luciferian race debate like “y’all motherfuckers need M—— ——*

I really wouldn’t be honoring M—— —-s without being one of the Yazidi people however, there is no debate about the fabulous deity. 

Uh. That name isn’t supposed to be written or spoken, and I really don’t feel comfortable with that. Do you mind? 

I didn’t realize. Thank you for informing me.

Thank you for obliging, darling. <3


bodaciousbanshee reblogged your post and added:

angelofillumination I think you missed the point I…

You make excellent points, but I thought the Yazidi didn’t want any connection with the titles of Lucifer or Satan in association with their deity? 

This isn’t entirely accurate. Their sacred text states that he is called ‘satan’ by the [infidels] unbelievers who don’t understand him. Ergo calling him ‘satan’ is an insult that is uttered by those not of the faith, and blinded to the truth. 







Sasha Marini, Aurelien Muller & Bryan for Vangardist

My pleasure, nonny; glad to be of service. 






Hello I am one of those people, and I am here to destroy this argument. Ready?

Though he is sexless and genderless, it doesn’t stop him from giving me male vibes. He knowing he himself is genderless. My personal reason is he came to me saying he was my Father. So I used male pronouns, because of that.

Get wrekt.

Oh for the love of Abel. 

Are we really doing this? 


You people really need to get a new hobby. Go rake leaves. Snowboard. Play checkers. Draw. Anything, but do something productive for a change. Holy 9 hells and Juddeca too. 

Yes, hello, I also use gendered terms on occasion when referring to Lucifer in my journals. Usually it’s when Lucifer has popped into one of my dreams to teach me something.

Yes, angels are gender neutral. But like humans, they are capable of presenting as a specific gender if they wish to, and they often don’t mind if you refer to them with gendered pronouns (in my experience at least).

In all but one of my dreams, Lucifer has presented to me as male, so in journal entries discussing those dreams, I use he/him. In the one dream Lucifer wasn’t male, I wrote the entry using she/her pronouns. Outside of dream entries, I have written about Lucifer using both “it” and “they” according to the context. In my own writing, I typically only use the They pronouns when referencing Lucifer in full angelic form. This is both a personal choice and a contextual thing.

My pointis that we, as a collective group, don’t assign specific race, gender, or other appearance to Lucifer. There isn’t a collective “this is what he looks like and anyone who says otherwise is wrong”. Lucifer is an angel. Lucifer may present however they wish to their followers, at any time, because Lucifer is and always has been a non-human entity. Each follower may see something completely different from others. I’ve had Lucifer present in five different forms over a month before. 

What it really boils down to is this: 

Lucifer is a god. Or angel. Depending on which version of hir myth you choose to go by. 

And the way Lucifer shows up to hir followers is nobody’s gawddamned business but that followers; and no one should have to justify that to anyone else. Period. End of story. I don’t care if Lucifer shows up to the next person looking like Chi Chi La Rue or Anthony Macky or a Purple People Eater. That’s an individuals prerogative. 

If all you’re doing is focusing on the appearance and gender of the deity in question anyway, you might be missing the whole damned point of following that entity to begin with. 

(Which begs the question of Lucifer hirself finds this whole argument as pointless as they do funny. Given hir close association with Trickster gods. I have to wonder. This is kind of like the two-sided hat thing!)

If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world…We’re all neighbors.


Thales of Miletus (c. 624 – 546 B.C.)




Hello I am one of those people, and I am here to destroy this argument. Ready?

Though he is sexless and genderless, it doesn’t stop him from giving me male vibes. He knowing he himself is genderless. My personal reason is he came to me saying he was my Father. So I used male pronouns, because of that.

Get wrekt.

Oh for the love of Abel. 

Are we really doing this? 


You people really need to get a new hobby. Go rake leaves. Snowboard. Play checkers. Draw. Anything, but do something productive for a change. Holy 9 hells and Juddeca too. 

St. Dunstan-in-the-East Church, London, England, UK

Fear is a bird that believes itself into extinction.

Jewel, A Knight without Armor





Shilo. I have a confession. 

I’m actually a lizard person. 

That’s why I really bought the heat lamp. 

I’ve been lying to you all this time about my quest for world domination. *hangs head in shame* I’m sorry. I’m not the person you thought I was. 






Hans Thoma

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