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Hello, curious visitors and old friends.

You’ve reached my spiritual blog, dedicated to the god Lucifer, The Morning Star. This blog is, as of this writing, brand-spanking new and under construction. However, it is my hope that over time, it will serve as a point of information about my pathwork, how it affects me, and obviously as is most important, who my god is. Over time I’ve had many many people come to me with questions, and as a part of my calling, I’ve started this blog to hopefully set both my own self strait (and keep myself there!) and to help answer some of those borader questions that come accross my desk. This blog will also serve as a virtual sacred place for My Lord Lucifer, so visitors are encouraged to keep this in mind and act accordingly: namly, as if The Prince’s eyes are on you while you are here. Also, as a sacred space, you  may expect to see many links, articles, art work, and poetry as they relate to Lucifer and how I see him.

I thank you humbly for visiting here, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future. There will be many more posts to come, and in the meantime, if you have a question about something I’ve not yet covered or tagged, please, feel free to ask. You may email me any time at





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Online Shrine and Devotional Space dedicated to Lucifer-Helel, The Mourning Star, The Lightning Bringer,and the Aeon of Air.

Blogger is Danyel, Pop Culture Pagan, Godspouse, Spiritworker, and Witch.

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