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Or, otherwise titled, how Lucifer appears to me.

Over the years I’ve stumbled on art work that comes very close to how Lucifer manifests to me. I’ve debated on making this a big huge long posts, but I’m also surprised with the number of people I have that question how I see Lucifer, what images  I use of him to inspire on me/put on my alter/ect.

First off, I should start off by saying I plan on making a post to discuss what elements are sacred to Lucifer himself, what sort of things I decorate, get him as gifts, ect. For the sake of this entry, however, I’ll say it briefly: primarily, things that are sacred to Lu are white serpents-constrictors, specifically. Peacocks are also sacred to him. White is his prefered shade, but not because it’s ‘light’ or ‘happy’ or ‘good’, but because it’s a blank canvas, something begging to have color and beauty thrown on it, a world of possibilities. He is also fond of ‘peacock’ colors of blues and greens and likes both Moonstone and Peacock copper on his alter. His Athame is a white-handled knife with a green sheath. Lucifer’s season is Winter: His level of Hel is the 9th, where treachery is punished by being perpetually tormented by cold (Caina, Antenora, Ptolmaea, and Judecca) and ice.

Given all of this, Lu usually appears dressed for winter in black robes, with hair that is white like snow and shines when the light hits it, and eyes like rubies. His skin is usually white, but almost ashenly so:

The Angel by Heise

from “Hades and Persephone”, by *Sandra

Lucifer’s wings, when he bothers to show them at all, are usually white, but again, with flecks of grey as though in a a winter storm. He speaks very softly with a voice that is very deep, even and calculated.

Lucifer also likes to appear in a guise that’s much more practical and human. When I first encountered him in a dream, he appeared as a young man dressed in a business suit; his cheekbones were sharp, his eyes were the color of jade, and his hair was black like ink, sometimes like a Dore woodcut:


 Speaking of which, Lucifer has a history of showing up in media as being delicious, though usually blonde. Neil Gaiman chose none other than David Bowie (from Labyrinth fame, music aside-and maybe a perfect fit, considering the wishing/granting/trial by fire angle of the movie!) himself as a model for his own Lucifer in The Sandman and subsequent stand-alone “Lucifer” series:

This look familiar? Lets try a different spin on it . . .

 And now lets look at Gaiman’s Lucifer:

. . One of the things that fascinates me most is how Lucifer (specifically named in film, NOT just a generic ‘Satan’) has been depicted in Hollywood, too. Archetypes aside, lets look at who else has played The Mourning Star:

Gabriel Byrne in “End of Days”

Peter Stormare in “Constantine”

Viggo Mortensen in “The Prophecy”

And lastly, Al Pachino in “The Devils Advocate”

Most common theme of the day award goes to Lucifer for constantly being on the Universe’s “Best Dressed” list.

Well folks, this has been an interesting post and I hope you enjoyed it. I don’t know how Lucifer appears for you folk, but now you know how he appears to me, how I see him, and I’ve presented a few examples of how he’s shown his face to the world before. If YOU’VE ever seen him, you are welcome to leave your comments and feedback about how he’s interacted (visually) with you!

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