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Along with the 20 other posts or so that I’ve got to start working on for the sake of this blog (there has been VERY interesting Lucifer related discussion on Tumblr!), this is one that needs to be put up. Mind you I’ve not formally spoken with The Prince about it, but I plan to, and if need be, elaborate on the whole topic with another post, or revise this one to cover it in greater depth.

Today I noticed that one of my posts was re-blogged by a consporacy theorist blog. Normally I would just chuckle to myself, roll my eyes, and delete the associated comment, but then I got to thinking. And mind you I did delete it and I don’t know that it was’t spam in the first place, but it got me thinking.

What is one of the promary tenants of being Luciferian? Knowlage. To turn our back on it when it it presented to us in plain fashion is the opposite; it is ignorance, and I can only speak for myself, but self-deception is one of my most profound taboos placed on me by Lucifer; lying is not, but I am not permitted to lie to myself. So, in honor of this idea,  I went back and re-read the whole article that the comment linked to.

Now, it was just what you’d expect of a conspiracy theorist blog, and because of this, it made it hard to take seriously. A grasping of straws, facts that sometimes did not connect or line up, ect. However something I found in it that did interest me was that their blog mentioned the fact that Lucifer and God were two sides of the same coin. Now obviously this is not something that I agree with, as I see the entities as very distinctly separate and their codes incompatible with one another, but the dark-as-enlightenment angle did intrigue me. Of course from there it dissolved into political criticism of a Bush-administration and the events of 9/11, and that was where I mostly clicked off. However given that this was a conspiracy theory we were talking about, and a secret society with satanic roots has come to play before. Either about the Freemasons and their involvement in history, to the underground Hellfire clubs, and so on and so forth.

Now as a Luciferian, let me again, firstly, reiterate that Luciferianism does not [always] equal Satanism. There are some sects that say they are: Laveyen, for example, but this blog is not one of them, and rather comes from a Gnostic perspective.

One thing we do have to keep in mind, regarding these conspiracy theories that revolved around Lucifer, Satanism, secret sects out to bring about the end of the world, ect, is that first and foremost, these ideas are typically rotating around in the sense of being from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Christian Holy Books tell us that the world will end and that god will destroy it; unless you take into account the Hebrew concept of the Tzadikim Nistarim, in which case, let us hope there continues to be 30 holy men for a long time yet-but all of these end-time philosophies are inherently coming up with the same far-off out there stories; that the “Luciferians” [Satanists] are subverting human history in an effort to bring about the birth of the Antichrist, at the very least, or the destruction of our world, at most.

Now as a Luciferian, as I have reiterated in earlier posts, I am not a member of any formal institution, clan, or brotherhood; my practice is personal and unsuited to a group setting; this mainly comes from the fact that in general, Gnostic Luciferians, myself included, beleive that UPG [Unverified Personal Gnosis] is the way to enlightment. It’s walking the path, finding your own truth; and because my truth isn’t going to be the same as your truth, how are we going to develop a structured practice? This in and of itself is what makes Luciferian Cult Theories almost ridiculous, to me.

Now, this is not to say that there aren’t groups that worship the actual demonic, biblical figure and call it Lucifer-which in and of itself is inaccurate given that Lucifer is never specifically named the devil in the bible. The other thing I think is important to note is that even Lucifer himself acknowledges that there are things going on that are “not right” where the events of that day and the ones immediately preceding it are concerned, though of course he won’t elaborate. It’s our responsibility to act on the idea that we are not in control of the situation and the information provided to the public was inaccurate or intentionally misleading. When I say ‘act on it’, of course, I mean to be mindful of your own actions. Take personal responsibility. Vote, even if you don’t think it matters. Speak out on issues that are important to you. Tell the people you care about that you love them, and make your days count. Not only is it just a good idea anyway, but if we are swimming in a sea of predators, wouldn’t you rather be a Marlin than a Tuna?

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