And now, I’d like to take a moment out of discussing some of Lu’s more endearing aspects, and now turn folk’s attention to some of his darker aspects. Namely, today, we are going to be speaking about Lucifer in his capacity as an Adversary, an accuser of man, a tempter, a deceiver. We’ve already examined his light-bringer attributes, touched on his face of Knowledge, of inspiration, of seeking personal truth; and we’ve also examined the face of his grief, his sorrow. Now, we look at his job title: Ha-shaitan, The Adversary. 

WARNING: and a disclaimer, while I am at it. The opinions that will be expressed, and some of the images that follow, *will* be graphic, and highly controversial. If images of hell and the nether regions of the afterlife bother you, stop right now. I assume no responsibility for what you read and see from this point on. This is the apple; it’s your choice whether to bite or not. But it is, above all, your choice. I am only presenting the material, and my gnosis to go along with it.


I want to start off my saying that, because we have spoken about Lucifer as a being of light and gentle illumination, I fear that some people might underestimate The Mourning Star. So far, we’ve painted him as a devout being dedicated to his family and his followers, to seeking truth, to walking a sometimes isolated, lonely road. While this has made him a figure such as we see in Milton, the tragic anti-hero, to count this among his only visage is both deceptive and dangerous. We must remember that Lucifer was once the most beloved angel in heaven-and arguably, the most powerful, next to god himself. He was beloved, but he was also highly logical, keenly observant, and had a mind for strategy and tactics. He is the master chessplayer who sees every possible move on the board before the game has begun, and wins it on the very first move. He is not omniscient-only his skills of knowing a person, knowing their tells, their habits, their little quirks-for seeing down to the depths of a person’s soul, is unmatched.

This is why he is the most respected adversary, among man and angels alike. Among his own, loved; among the angels still graced, spoken of only in hushed whispers as a cold draft rustles through the room. Among humanity, he is often confused with his brother Samael-mocked, and feared-with no less degree than to which the other has found himself subjected.


Lucifer is a throne-less king, to be sure. He never stays in his own realm of hell for long; rather, he is prone to wandering on his never ending quest for enlightenment, for truth. The one he knows is never all there is. However, this does not mean that Lucifer is free. He is bound by his own sorrows, and so connected is this fallen angel to the cosmos his own personal place of torture came into existence the second he toppled down from heaven in a lightning bolt, and tore open time and space and fell into the darkness.

Souls do come to him. Accursed souls that have weighed themselves down through loss of hope and weighted by their own despair, that they’ve nowhere to go but the glacial cold. Frozen forever in light-less, eternal darkness; blocks of ice that cause agony only because the cold is so frigid that it burns; and there, they can not scream. Their agony is silent, their faces forever locked in expressions of their lost wails and pleads for mercy. They find none; it is not Lucifer that sentences them here. It is the weight of their own loneliness, their own heartbreak, that which took their lives and continues to plague their souls.

tumblr_mqipnomphv1ru2g3ko1_500There are times when Lucifer will withdraw to his own realms, and walk among these solid souls. His own expression is cold, and for them, he feels no pity. They chose their path; so many were lain before them; to be born again, to go elsewhere, to find paradise or even another hell. Above or below, but here they are. They are not powerless; at any time, they could be free of this despair, of this ice. But through their own stubbornness, their own refusal to pull themselves out of the pain, they remain.

Lucifer knows what it is to hold onto foolish pride. He is just as cold as these souls; but since this realm is his, he alone remains thawed.

Like all Adversaries, Lucifer is also a temper of mankind; he holds the apple, ripe and promising, and with a forked tongue says, ‘take a bite, won’t you’? But there is more to it than that. He will give you your hearts desire-just sign on the dotted line. What wish would you have him grant? Are you willing to freeze, just as the rest of those souls do? What price will you pay later for everything you could possibly want now? Consider carefully. Is it worth it? Then taste of this fruit. You will come to know, and understand, the consequences once you do. You are his forever after, unless the bargain says otherwise. You will say goodbye to heaven, and endure in hell. In the dark; in the cold. In the bleak underground.

Lucifer is cruel. He mourns, yes; but there is a bitterness to it. He who led his people into a revolt; he who had passion; for his family, for his cause, for his truth. But he was defeated. There was no fight of ‘good’ and ‘evil’-no, that was the other. Unless the evil was ignorance, the false bliss of heaven, the idea that everything would always exist and nothing would ever hurt.

Existence is pain. To say otherwise, that is a falsehood.

Come now-dry your tears. It’s a waste of perfectly good suffering.


He failed. He failed his people, saw many of them felled in that battle; turned to holy fire and then incinerated into non-beingness. His own brothers were turned against him; he had the advantage of a brilliant mind and strong tactics; Lucifer and his followers were the original 300. They went into a fight they could not hope to win. And one of their own would betray them, and they were ambushed from behind.

In the end, he and his were allowed to leave; but there would be no paradise for them. Only that cold place. Only that frozen kingdom where no life grew and all there was, all there would be, was loss, and pain. So he took what was left, and accepted his exile; on the condition that forever after he would present to mankind a way to know the truth. He would give them a choice. Bliss and ignorance in the garden of Eden, or Pain and Truth of Hel, and the Frozen Waste. Lucifer would offer no paradise. He and his toiled for everything; and nothing for his people would come easy.

tumblr_mparkb3jjm1rjcn5go1_500Nor would his people make a claim to riches, and Lucifer does not permit wanton indulgence. His desires, like his heart, and dark, and black. His love is an abyss-it pulls you under and drowns you, crushes you. The small pleasures suddenly mean everything; that one sip of wine, that one square of chocolate, that one sweet pear with it’s juice dripping down your chin. Go on, he says. Savor it. It’s wonderful, yes? Oh yes. That wine is perfect and buttery. The caramel thick and sweet, the music just right. Sway. Move. Be in the moment, because the next could be hell. Appreciate the things you have *now*. Don’t look towards some invisible afterlife. Love and live every day like it’s your very last, because there may be no tomorrow.

There is a point where Lucifer enforces this one law, this one creed. He is ruthless in that he does not tolerate vulgarity; it is hideous to him. Like the fictional Hannibal Lecter, Lucifer abhors rudeness. It is the sin of all sins for a gentleman, and for one of his. Those of Lucifer’s learn how to speak eloquently, walk softly, be polite, even when there is no polite company. Even alone they navigate a crowd, they hold doors, they say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but more than that, they are never grotesque in their manners. All of his followers must strive for this; there are foods they must not eat, words they must never say, rituals they must never engage in. This is a part of what it means to be passionate, of what it means to be beautiful. One must also be mindful, and intelligent of how one’s actions affect both the self and the world around them.

To break these laws is to invite that darkest part of his Highness to break through the genteel mannerisms and show why he holds his power, his crown. And this will be the only moment when you will see his pale hands stained red. For there is a sharp, subtle compulsion in his person, and you hear it when he glides the bow over the strings of his violin. The melody is beautiful, but it is dark. A masterpiece, and a warning. Beautiful but deadly. More than luring you into eternal service in whatever means he feels you are best suited-and this, of course, greatly varies on his opinion of you-you should rightly be afraid of provoking his temper. Lucifer has a very long fuse; but like all gods across various pantheons, he’s not opposed to making an example of people who slight him.


Part of loving Lucifer, of belonging to him, of being with him, is taking the cruel with the kind. The evil with the good; because there are both. Humanity likes to split things into solid black and white; light vs. dark, black vs. white, sorrow vs. joy. The truth, the real truth, is that things are seldom so cut and clear. Just as heaven’s tale has it’s own tarnish, so too, does Lu on his bright halo. The difference is transparency-Lucifer makes no promises as to his nature. Only that when he signs that same parchment, he honors his word to the letter.

So read the fine print carefully. Be wary, be smart; but don’t be afraid. And remember that in the end, Johnny won the fiddle after all.

If anything, Satan has proven over time that he can be a very very good sport.