Though normally I would dismiss such drivel as I’ve been reading in the latest book that managed to stumble into my hands (which I shall promptly burn apon conclusion reading. Thank the 9th circle I didn’t pay money for it) as conspiracy theorist bologna, (the book itself which I’ll not even divulge. It’s quite frankly that ridiculous a read, to start with, and secondly, I don’t want anyone giving this author MORE of their hard-earned money-that would be a disgrace) the latest popular one on how Luciferians and Fallen Angels exist to subvert mankind by infiltrating all of their institutions, including the church, had me in a state of sheer disbelief at first. Mostly over the fact that this is an author who is on the top shelf of the pagan/new age section at any local bookstore, and people are actually reading this. Secondly, I wanted to laugh, but instead, I had another reader over my shoulder. He was nearly as amused as I am, maybe, but the experience of reading some of this prompts my post this afternoon.

Before we go on, however, lets put the usual disclaimer up-shall we?

tumblr_mdql85hdBe1rdz01xo1_500This post will be lengthy today, and touching on subjects that are highly controversial. Today I’ll be talking about things like the nature of evil, religious institution as destructive entities, ect. There will be imagery in here which is provocative or inflammatory.

If you ignore this warning and continue to read on ANYWAY, remember. You had you chance to stop right here, and YOU are continuing forward. Therefore, I am not responsible for your reaction to these things following this disclaimer. From here on out, that is all your personal responsibility.

And now, onward.

Choosing where to start with this particular volume was a challenge in and of itself. Honestly, a shot in the dark. So I picked the first one that stuck out at me, the first phrase that very nearly made me laugh, so contrary is it to everything a Luciferian is.

In various manifestations, then, The Luciferian drive to death promotes and relies on a certain kind of herd instinct, a collectivism lifestyle on earth. The plot of the fallen angels is to instill in [us] a death wish, a desire for self annihilation. The plot of fallen angels is to have enough laggards, enough rebellious or perverse individuals in embodiment to carry out that death wish, whether with the use of drugs, the consumption of unhealthy beverages, or activities which misuse or squander the life force. All of this is popularized in media.

So, honestly. This first sentence in a nutshell summed up that this person-very very clearly-has absolutely no idea what Luciferianism is about. And again, to touch on why this perturbed me enough to write? Again, this is a popular author in the new age section. This person is intentionally selling lies, slandering persons of another faith, and making money off of spreading the misinformation. So. Having now stated my case as to why I feel it is so important that I talk about this today. . . lets sit and have a chat. 


Red_Apple_in_the_White_Snow_by_Phoenix315Now. By now, anyone who has been following along with this blog will have already taken a good gander at just why this whole statement was just outright ridiculous. Firstly, the notion that there is somehow some global, spiritual conspiracy to keep what the author calls “children of light” from reaching a true union with god is just as far away from the truth as anything could be. Or let me clarify; if there is some colossal worldwide plot between Luciferians for subversion of people, it’s not one I’m in on. For that matter, Luciferianism as I know it being a solitary practice, most of us would hardly agree on one form or ritual for another in the first place; it’s sort of like attempting to herd a den of angry cobras; it’s just not going to happen, and I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to touch it in the first place. Not to mention Lu himself being quite opposed to being worshiped.

All of us together, plotting?

Not likely.

Now, with regards to the whole death thing. I am not sure if it had occurred to the author of this book that, you know, every breathing thing on the face of this planet dies at some point. Not to mention other planets, too. You know, for carbon based lifeforms? It’s kind of a thing.

The whole point of life is impermanence. We glorify immortality because of fear. Fear that when our bodies cease breathing, we cease to exist. And for all any of us know? It’s true. So we go about our day, all of us; every one of us, and try to do something that justifies our existence. To ourselves, to other human beings. We form relationships because we want a partner to witness our lives for us. We want to hear those words, ‘your life will not be meaningless because I will give it meaning. Your life will not be unwitnessed because I will witness it’.

That’s the whole point of the Luciferian way of the search for personal truth. We embrace our creativity because we acknowledge that it’s possible our truth is only our truth; and because of this, because it might not exist-not for us, not for anyone else-that it’s importance to dedicate ourselves to artistic things, things that are tangible; ideas and passions and works that we can leave behind for others down the line to value and be inspired by. This is the only immortality, if we are wrong; that we continue to inspire, that people speak our names. There is no lie in saying that death (and taxes!) are the only two sure things in life, and that we must live each day as though there is nothing else. It’s important to make use of the time we have; to make every second count, to make it beautiful. Not waste those precious moments with false ideas and false hopes of otherwordly real estate. No promises of ‘give up now and ye shall receive later’. Life is a trial, yes. But you deserve to be happy, and no god who loves you should make you sacrifice your liberty and your peace for the promise of it later. Later might turn out to be a lie, because everything we experience here and now is subjective, and personal to us all. Even Jesus is a story. Based around a real man? Yes. The son of god? Do we really know for sure, or do we assume because that’s what someone, including him, told us? There have been many Messiahs before and after who have claimed the same.

Being realistic about death and telling people to live it up isn’t embracing drugs, bad food, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Not at all. It is telling people to stop trying to buy yourself a lot in heaven. Usually, the currency is false anyway. Doing a good deed just to put another penny in the jar towards your down payment of that lot isn’t doing good for the sake of doing good. It’s doing good for the sake of something later. Ergo, it’s disingenuous

Furthermore, (and mind you, I can’t speak for other practitioners, here) Lucifer has put very strict taboos on my person regarding my health. Drugs? Never, unless they’re prescribed for a legitimate medical reason (I take Xopenex for Asthma, Effexor for PTSD, and Claritin for allergies. The occassional Excedrin for migraines). I’m not allowed to have soda, and as mentioned, there are specific foods that affect the digestive system which I’m not allowed to have, either-this automatically includes most types of fast food (a taboo I break more than I’d like, but he’s cracking down on me about lately).  Drugs numb a person to life. This is contrary to the whole mission in the first place, at least from my own personal standpoint. . . which again, is to lead a creative and spiritually enriched life, and if there is anything after, and it’s not just all a manifestation of  my personal desire for a connection with the divine (this is not to say I doubt Lucifer. It’s myself I question constantly), then to please him and be with him in the after. But if I leave something behind that inspires others, than I have fulfilled  part of my duty as His. The other part, which I’m taking part in as of this writing, is to share him with the world, to anyone who wants to know him. Again, this is all only from my perspective. . . I leave you to take it or leave it be, it’s obviously your choice.

Now rebellion?

That’s something that we absolutely do.


It’s a sacred charge of a Lucifieran, at least from my perspective, to challenge any authority or power which is clearly in abuse of that authority, given to it by the people, to which it no longer serves in interest of, but rather serves for the sake of it’s own perpetuation and that of it’s corrupt officials. That is, of course, on a grand scale.


This includes every institution. Government, religious, educational. . . . everything.

When people say, ‘this is the way it is?’ it is a Luciferian’s duty to say ‘why’? When the ‘why’  is answered with a ‘because that’s just the way it is’, a Luciferian should say, ‘that answer is not good enough’, and dig deeper for the truth. And find it, wherever it hides, and bring it out of the dark and into the light. To expose the truth, to oppose ignorance, to oppose contentedness, herd mentality, acceptance. I will never accept a ‘just because’ or ‘its for your own good’. Unless a person has given me an explicit reason to take them at their word, I will not. All people lie, that is a fact. All people are selfish some of the time; that’s human nature. Because of it, people will tell you falsehoods to get you to do what they want you to do. This isn’t always a bad thing, but very rarely is it a good thing either. Very rarely are people transparent. “This is what this will do for me,” isn’t a truth spoken often. So there must be a refusal to take things at face value. There must be questions, or we never grow. The world stagnates. Artists aren’t inspired, scientists don’t explore. The world stays flat.

The fallen angels promote their anti-god philosophies so that the children of light who remain true to higher principals will be outnumbered and, by popular opinion, their concepts are wrong. . .

Well now we can’t have that, can we?


Those who go against the crowd find themselves unpopular and alone, sometimes painfully so. Going against public opinion can be hard on people who lack strong will. The fallen ones never cease in their condemnation of the souls of light. Their goal is to make us feel as though we are sinners, forever condemned. They do this because they feel as though people who feel worthless are more likely to allow themselves to be absorbed into the mass consciousness.

You don’t say.

The truth is that the church was invaded centuries ago by fallen angels who were cast into embodiment in order that they might work their karma on earth for the sins against the sons and daughters of God. These fallen ones, instead of embracing their eartly sojurn as penance for their rebellion, continue their blasphemy against the Son, the universal Christ, by betraying his little ones.

Light and love and harps and music are God. There is the first assumption this makes. Slander against god, and the ‘universal Christ’. Rather than be in the new age section, you would think this book should be in the Evangelical Christian section, instead.

I’m very fond of the wording that the author used in this. ‘God’s children’. ‘God’s little ones’. It paints the imagery of innocent youth. Then it puts words like ‘penance’ and ‘blasphemy’ in the same sentence, so that you get the picture of these towering creatures who kicked babies out of spite, and then when god punished them for their malice, they laughed, played some universal game of Mission Impossible, and infiltrated ‘The Church’ (I’ll presume here the author meant the catholic church, although it’s anyone’s guess, as she never specifically mentions which one), and continue to lead those poor little cherubs that are human beings stray from day one.

Discounting the human beings, a million and one and then some, that don’t go to church. Or whom have been turned away by religious institution for being a single mother, or gay, or mentally ill, or homeless, or with a drug addiction. Case in point; the Salvation Army, who claims to be a Non-Profit Christian Institution but who have repeatedly refused gay or transgender individuals access to safe housing and in one instance even let a person die from exposure. Is this what we presume to be a system that is being claimed as corrupted? Would the author point this out as the fault of those ‘fallen angels’ who has supposedly invaded this system? Or would instead this person turn to look at the real culprits; humanity’s own failure in compassion for it’s fellow man.

Thus the children of God’s heart, who deserved true shepherds, instead got these wolves in sheeps’ clothing and have been lead doctorinally astray by them. Many of these ministers who learned from the mouths of minsters before them were also taught from childhood to believe the lies of the serpent as though they came from the mouth of Christ himself.

Well, now that they’re not just going after the Luciferians anymore. . .

A little earlier, I posted a picture of a red-headed angel. Now, it’s time for me to tell you a story about this angel. Firstly, this particular angel is a fallen angel, yes.

Now, before you get any more impressions. Let me stop you there. See, this is a picture of that angel BEFORE he fell. Notice anything off about his wings and his halo?

Playing with the notion that all of gods’ angels were white light and lilies and flowers is to be doing them a dangerous disservice. Saying that all of gods children are children of light and pretty flowers and everything smells nice and there’s no hurt ever and  heaven is all peaches and cream?

Angels bathed red. Serpents of fire and pillars of the same. Wheels with hundreds of thousands of eyes, rotating. Lions with mans faces and poisoned claws. This is a picture of classic Hebrew heaven. Heaven was not a place for the cute little cherubs we picture. Heaven was full of monsters. More so than the silence and ice of Hell ever could be.

‘Holy Holy Holy’, is what the Seraphim are heard to sing as they circle gods throne. These are the same hundreds of eyes and flaming serpents that spew fire that are also said to be beings of pure love and light. However over hundreds and hundreds of years, thousands even, these beings have dwindled from monsters to chubby babies on baroque ceilings. If the author is to be believed, this is the fault of fallen angels incarnate and/or Luciferians?

Except for, that’s sort of opposite our gig. Keeping people in the dark, I mean. Pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

Actually, I have two people you can ask about that. Hold on, I’ll get them:


Their names are Adam, and Eve. And Lucifer kind of went up to one, and was like. ‘You know God isn’t telling you the truth about everything, right?’ Granted he was a little more meticulous about it than me, but I’m sure you get the point.

We hope.

And supposedly, we’re under some new world order plot to take over everything and everything, and keep you from reaching your true potential as a child of ‘the light’ and ‘god’. We lie to you, cultivate a herd mentality, control the church(es) and spread of information to further this end, and we incarnated for the sole purpose of punishment because somewhere along the lines in some unspecified manner we made god angry and he sought to pull off our wings and throw us into a physical existence but somehow we’ve still managed to miss the point of it all. And so here we are. Still deceiving you. Still not learning. Still not growing.

tumblr_mpo9v0PMdl1ste14ro1_500I guess as long as the books sell?

They have no remorse for their misconduct; no pity for their victims and no ability to empathize, but rather legitimize their murderous intent by couching in on terms such as ‘wars of liberation’.

Now, we’re getting personal. Now we’re getting into Gnosis. Now we’re getting into the bare bones of what defines good and evil. No remorse for their misconduct, this woman says. The fallen no nothing of any of it. Nothing of love, or loss. How could they, in a perfect heaven? Angels are not sexual beings. Nor do they love. Nor do they have families. Nor are they creatures that understand unity or camaraderie or passion. Right? Of course not.

There was never a war, there was never a fight, there was never a cause.

Now, dear readers, of all that you have seen today. Ask yourself.

Which seems to be the bigger lie?