Not that I blame him. Fact that all three are different entities entirely, or at least in the vein of my UPG. . .

But every time someone puts his name with the goat-headed figure I very nearly feel him cringe. He doesn’t, if I turn my attention at him. . .he’s blank-faced and stoic as always. But there’s something about it that legitimately bothers him, and I can’t quite put my finger on it outside of the obvious differences.


I must ponder this some more.

On another note; hopefully a couple of posts today; one on demonic possession and particularly it’s representation in the media and the difference between ritual possession, and then another on the crazy Illuminati conspiracy theorist whackjob that showed up in the Luciferian tags today talking about how all Luciferians were child abusers. *EYEROLL*

I mean really. Where do they get this stuff. . .?