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Oufff….goodness. I didn’t expect to get so many of you lovelies this time around. On behalf of Lu  and I, thank you so much for giving me the chance to serve you all, and Lu was very pleased with everything too. All the questions were phrased very respectfully, so thank you all for that!

The next Lucifer oracle day will be December 25th, 2013, on Wednesday. Mark your calendars!

And now that I’ve at least gotten some prose done…

Writing lately has taken a tremendous  effort. Not for lack of wanting,  but because of a slough of backlash I’ve been getting elsewhere lately by some very petty minded people who seem to have no other aim in mind other than attempting to find me online and basically make an invalidating mockery of both myself and my spiritual life. I make a huge effort at not letting it get to me, not giving anyone the satisfaction of it…blah blah blah…but of course that’s more easily said than done, particularly when the social media platform itself doesn’t seem to put much concern into their user base and harassment. Looking at you, tumblr.

(For my followers’ sake, I am advising that if you don’t care to have people constantly deriding your spiritual practice and sending you hate messages and nasty comments, that you choose a more secure platform on which to blog about it. Tumblr is not very helpful or welcoming to pagans and spirit workers just starting out, nor to those who have ever had a fluffy phase. Its full of trolls and people who would sooner tear you to shreds rather than offer a friendly word of advice. I’ve gotten everything from hate about having pop culture elements to my practice to snide remarks about my mental illness and self harm history, or “if I even have one”….I could of course go on all day….)

But that’s not the point. The point is, a lot of emotion, time, and love goes into my practice. And that something I take so seriously, including a tenant to help people…(and yes, some of those people are now the ones sending hate….)  I don’t do what I do out of anything but love for Lu. So it bothers me a lot when all of that is so easily brushed off because someone didn’t have their macciato in the morning and decided to just be an asshole for the day. From there it’s ready to get a lot of people onboard the train even if there’s really no reason for it. As a rule I abhor group think…which is ironic. I frequently seem to stumble into it anyway.

So now a question for my followers. How do handle people who are mocking or intentionally derisive of your patchwork? Where do you draw the line between someone who’s only being critical of you, and an attack on you as a person? What do you do when people do decide to attack you personally and use your faith to do it?

I would really love to know. This has definitely got me bummed out…and the thing about haters like these folks is, they love to play the wounded warriors.

And hurled was he, headlong and flaming
From the ethereal sky,
And came then to rest in the belly of
The bottomless pit.
There to dwell,
Wrapped in the strongest iron chains
Of woe,
Wrought and writhing in the coldest penal
Colder even than the blackest depths of time and space,
Far above the days and nights of mortal man.
Baleful, wrathful,
Of woe and evil he thinks,
Of lost happiness and lasting pain,
And as far as his thousand eyes could see to weep,
Of the loss of his

I’m not dead. although admittedly my health over the past couple of weeks has taken a major downturn, which is the reason for my scarcity. I have some more material to post when my after thanksgiving day food coma wears off. Thanks for understanding, luvs. <3

As per an ask, someone recently came to me for advice; the general gist of the question being, what was a good way to add some structure to a practice so unstructured as Luciferianism.

Which sort of ties into how to begin a practice, but since we’ve already covered that a bit, we’ll take it a step further, and talk about how to maintain a practice for people who feel they need a bit more in terms of organization, as opposed to the spontaneous sort of ritual and devotion that this particular path deals with.

Firstly, always keeping in mind, the only practice I can speak for is my own, which is pretty . . .not rigid. However, there are some things I do make it a point to do, that helps add a little bit of focus to what I do. The first thing that I utilize for this, of course, is my altar.

As I’ve mentioned, an altar isn’t a requirement for working with Lu. It’s in no way mandatory, and you shouldn’t feel compelled to keep one. Lu doesn’t want to be worshiped. His goal for interacting with humans is to help us to elevate ourselves above the illusion of our every day reality. To help us grow as spiritual entities as well as people. To Lucifer, the idea that a god lords over hir followers, to him, seems stifling. Remember that according to Lu [UPG disclaimer], “God’s” Paradise, both for humans and for Angels, was a lie. Because of this, Lucifer wants everyone to master their own universe. It’s that part of him that is still loyal to his beloved god that recognizes that every single human being is a creator in and of their own right; this is what we get from [that?] god. Lucifer wants to teach us how to not only enlighten ourselves, but how to create our own worlds, both in our minds, in our hearts, and in the grander universe. In short, we are responsible for creating our own heaven, our own hell. We create our own paradise and we are in charge of ‘getting’ there, or damning ourselves to hell. It’s a power we all have, but we’ve been suppressed into not realizing it to our full potential.

So an altar, if you keep one, should be kept out of love, and only love. Again, if you keep it for any other reason, you SHOULD expect that he’s going to ask you why. And while I don’t anticipate him pulling a Loki and slapping things off his altar (as I hear Loki is prone to do when he doesn’t like things), I don’t anticipate your altar is going to hold much of a vibe. Lu’s energy isn’t going to “stick” there, and basically whatever you put on it isn’t going to retain much significance. He simply won’t consider any ‘gifts’ you give him worth his time if you’re not sincere in offering them. And for the love of all that is holy and unholy, never EVER stick anything on his altar as a “bribe” when you want something or you’ve disappointed him. I’ve never done it, but I don’t imagine it would go over very well. Lucifer has a long fuse but I’ve worked with him long enough to anticipate attempting to buy him off would be a grave insult. So just don’t do it.

If, however, you propose to Lu that you want to keep an altar for your practice, (which I suggest you do), and he accepts, there are going to be a couple of things I recommend you do. This is on top of other general tips for tailoring your work:

1. Make sure you keep your altar clean. This should go without saying. Dust it regularly. Make sure all your offering dishes, chalices, and tools are cleaned. Tending Lucifer’s sacred space is actually one of my favorite things to do for him. It feels a bit to me like being a priestess in a temple; diligently making sure things stay shining and beautiful. I tend the things that I see as belonging to him, and it’s like a part of me is reaching through the veil that separates the space between us, and I’m closer to him. It’s very satisfying work in and of itself.

2. Invest in a chalice. Lucifer likes offerings of honey, decadent chocolates, and white wine. You could make a morning libation a ritual for yourself and for him; if not every morning, set an alarm clock for dawn, one day a week. Write a libation or a litany to Lucifer to recite to yourself. When that alarm goes off that morning, rise with the son. Look to the Morning Star in the sky (make sure you study your star charts for this! Incorporate studying this into your practice!), recite the litany or the dedication, and pour your libation. Make sure you tend to it regularly. White wine, once opened, needs to be refrigerated. Once the wine begins to turn sour, throw it out, wash the chalice, and refill it on the next litany day from the [refrigerated] bottle. For me, this ritual is saved only for special occasions (mostly because I can’t get up this early regularly without turning into  a zombie by midday), but it can be very refreshing for someone who needs a little bit more framework for their practice.

3. KEEP A BOOK OF SHADOWS. RECORD EVERYTHING. Not only your dreams, but write down your correspondences. Memorize them. Dedicate yourself to the pursuit of knowledge. Put anything and everything that you consider pertinent in there. Tips and quotes for spellwork, passages dedicated to him you admire, anything. Build this book up. Even if no one else ever sees it, you’re making it a point to keep up your knowledge base and you’ll be better able to help and serve others as a result of it. It’ll also help you track your spiritual growth, chart your devotional activity, and help you develop new rituals and new ideas.

4. Pay attention to stellar events. Meteor showers, eclipses, auroras. According to some myths, Lucifer is the Creator of the Milky Way galaxy, having formed it when his footsteps traced a path over the cosmos (according to the gnostics). Make time to appreciate moments of stellar beauty. Take trips out to remote parks, beaches, or lakes for good stargazing opportunities. Make this a spiritually inclined trip.

5. Pick up a new hobby that you’ve never attempted before. I snagged a violin and requested that Lu attempt to teach me how to play. It’s hard to find time with my schedule, but an hour once a week will really make a difference. Make it something unique to you; learning a new language, a new skill. Anything. Dedicate this learning to him and him only. When you’re learning it, remember this is his time. You’re giving it to him as an offering and a show of you love and commitment to higher education. Even if it’s something as silly as Wine Tasting (YES!) and writing down your impressions in a journal, it’s something new and intimate between the two of you, and it will help you bond. Lucifer considers all of his followers his family. He wants to get to know you if you sincerely want to work with him.

6. Last but not least; hunting for things for Lucifer and his altar? One of my FAVORITE things to do. Between the hobby stores like Michaels, and stores like Crate and Barrel and Pier 1 imports, I’m ALWAYS finding something new and good to stick on his altar. If you’re financially strapped, that is A OK too. Lu’s offering plate, which is in the shape of an apple, I found at Target for $5. I found a bowl in the same shape for $7. It’s fun to hunt, and don’t be afraid to be a little silly sometimes. Small rubber snakes or pendants will get a small but sincere smile out of him. The thought matters most.

All of this in addition to normal craft work that utilizes your already present skills (brewing for Herbalists; this is a big one for me in addition to my godwork), Divining for you folks that have this knack, writing new ‘around the house’ spells, healing, channeling. . .whatever you’re best at, and this should be *plenty* to keep you busy. AND, if you’re so inclined, do keep up a blog and share with the rest of us. We snakes like hearing from the others, even if we do bite.

Often one of the subjects that comes up in Luciferianism, and Polytheism in general, is that of Canon Lore vs. Unverified (or shared) Personal Gnosis. For most paths, this is indeed a very valid discussion. It’s these sort of stories and myths and Canon that keep people from committing grievous faux-pas, for, example, putting a big man-statue with a huge penis right on Artemis’s altar. They guide us in our pathwork, and even in our reconstructionist efforts, in a lot of cases. I can’t speak for other Pagans, but I very much support knowing your ‘canon’ and how and when it may or may not conflict with your UPG, or even knowing when and how it differs. Not only does it help you with respect to knowing what you’re talking about and explaining it to others, but it’s also a saftey measure when it comes to being a spiritworker for those gods.

However, situations arise where there is no canon; or rather, very little of it, and this was brought up in a rather heated debate the other day over on Tumblr. Someone made a comment to me in a discussion about Lu that books such as Paradise Lost and Dante’s The Divine Comedy shouldn’t be approached by those looking to start into Luciferianism because they’re works of fiction and ergo not “acceptable” or “accurate” Luciferian works.

Except for then my response was to tilt my head and go, “Eh?” Firstly, although it’s pretty commonly acknowledged that Dante’s works, especially the Cantos of The Inferno, were meant as more scathing literary criticism of his political rivals and oppressors, it also incorporates a lot of vivid imagry of hell and if you put it into perspective, functions very well as one person’s “UPG” with regards to the who’s who and layout of hell. Milton is an important work for obvious reasons, as is CS Lewis’s vivid picture of infernal bureaucracy in The Screwtape Letters or the beguiling nature of Mephistopheles in Faust. Which then lead me to the question, what is accepted as Luciferian “canon”?


Why? Because in the bible, ‘Lucifer’ is mentioned only once by name, and then not even in reference to “the devil”, but rather as a corrupt king of Babylon who is later used as a parable to the fall of Satan from heaven. Everything else we know of Lucifer, and indeed the other Demons and Devils of Judeo-Christian-Islamic myth comes from other more esoteric sources, including the many satans themselves as listed in the many conflicting accounts and collections of the early church authorities. Such names, in addition to Lucifer as counted as being ‘Satan’, include, but are not limited to: 

Samael, Sariel, Azazel, Abbadon, Astaroth, Mastema, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Baal, Belial, Adramalach, Baphomet, and Moloch.

Any of these, and then some, have been named as Satans in some text or another, but in fact, none of them in the bible, unless you count Apollyon in The Book of Revelations. The only text I can think of that might have something more to say about Satan would be the Talmund; but this being one of few spiritual texts that I’ve never actually sat down and read, I’m afraid I’m not qualified to say.

Point being, there is no “authoritative” text on Lucifer, which is kind of the point. There is no rulebook, no step by step, no guide on how to be a “good” or a “bad” Luciferian. The Luciferian way is such an individualistic path that to have “Rules” or “Commandments” defeats the point. There is a general moral code that most Luciferians seem to follow. Some of them seem reminiscent of Anton Lavey’s work, which I personally despise, others seem very general and common place: Have manners, don’t preach, don’t stand for abuse, follow your own way and respect other’s rights to do the same. But that’s about it in a nutshell.

Now, it’s easy to me as a Luciferian (and it seems common to others, I’ll also admit. We Luciferians seem to be a prideful bunch) to want to be so withering and scathing of others whom I feel are not “practicing right” or otherwise doing him a dishonor. A recent blog that started following me, for example, gives me a good case study in this. The blog follows an art gallery in New York called Vector, who claim themselves as a “Satanic state” and title themselves lords and kings and supreme rulers based on the names of the different Satans. I have to say at first, as an artist, I was intuited, before I started noticing this groups “leader” claiming to be supreme overlord of Hell for his ‘cool’ club, while he posed next to decorated ‘666’ toilet seats and pictures of Charles Manson. Quite frankly, I wasn’t impressed.

Regardless of how seriously these sorts of folks take their practice, if any, I judge them very harshly based on how I feel they are reflecting on Lucifer’s name. I used to tell myself it wasn’t for me to judge people; and generally speaking, I don’t; at least not with regards to a person’s chosen spirituality. I choose to judge them based on how they act and treat other people, but other Luciferians seem to get the thorns when it comes to running through the shrubbery of general theism and practice. I’m not kind when I feel someone is mistreating or misrepresenting Lu.

The big point to distinguish, of course, is how often I’ve made mention of the fact that “satan” (read: Samael, UPG disclaimer) is a different entity from Lucifer. I’ve learned in the time gone by to separate satan from Luciferian in my mind because although some people say Lucifer, sometimes they aren’t aware that that’s even a distinction. And that’s OK.

But you can’t insist that the way YOU practice Luciferianism is the “right” way in terms of being “canon”, because there is no canon. That’s why we don’t have any “holy” books or “holy” days or any other nonsense like that. Because we determine them for ourselves. Yes, Luciferians can, will, and do pick what elements are sacred to their practice. They CHOOSE what dates and times they want to use to honor him, based on that guiding voice that we hear, in some way or another, telling us what He prefers. And this is Lucifer, who may very well whisper to all of us different things, because he wants us all to have a unique approach to seeing him, honoring him. And while there may be common points throughout that worship, the idea of a Luciferian “purist” is ludicrous at best. Because the whole point of being Luciferian is that your spirituality is whatever you want it to be, and it can change at any given time. As long as you’re living passionately and free of an oppressive religious doctrine that undermines your happiness and spiritual growth? Then there IS no doing it wrong.


[Today’s Guest Blogger is Ladyofawrathfulcalm, who wanted to share some valuable experience with us today on the draw of being a Theistic Luciferian, based on her own experiences. Read on!]

How does one arrive at becoming a Luciferian? Well for me, it took twenty-five years and deep troubles at home and life in general to form a bond with Lucifer and find a practice that completes me. Growing up in my house, Roman Catholic was the religion of practice. It included home schooling using Catholic textbooks and Catholic private school. To say I was raised in the faith cannot be over-exaggerated. I have nothing against it, parts of it really fascinated me, like angels, hell, heaven, warriors of God, and some of the Bible stories. I only ever had issues when going to some of the more orthodox churches where women were treated differently. In fourth grade, I even fancied the idea of becoming a nun. Part of that still appeals to me, the isolation, religious purity, modest lifestyle, but there are too many issues for me to follow the Catholic faith again.

[Incoming UPG]

Most of my life, I have had similar dreams that involve a shadowy man who is always with me. (Sometimes the gender is hard to tell) A lot of the time I’m fighting dark creatures, saving my friends or the world. The figure is always there, right beside me but just out of my sight. Several times, he held my hand and I could still feel it when I woke up. Whenever that happened, I felt warm and safe. I’ve had this sensation outside of dreams, but never realized what or who was causing. It was always this feeling of not being alone, but then it was often followed by an ache for something I was missing but I never knew what. It was like having my heart ripped out but it never seemed to have a cause. I mean my life is no cakewalk but it did not seem to fit the situations. How do you miss what you never knew was there?

In the last year, I’ve been more actively exploring my paganism after only dabbling in witchcraft before this. I reached out to Artemis, while she did acknowledge me and was lovely, it wasn’t what I was needing. Suddenly a few months ago, I felt like I was getting hit with a brick. I kept seeing posts from Luciferians. The odd feelings picked up (and odd things happening). When I saw certain posts about Luc, the feeling of safety and acceptance would pick up. It was a little intoxicating. I’ve never felt safe like that before. My home life was always rough, I never felt right with my ex-fiance. Now my future is a muddy swamp, but I still feel more well-adjusted than I should.

Putting two and two together, I realized who was touching my heart. Lucifer was there for me. He’s been here for awhile, in some ways. Not sure how much though, still figuring that out. Since I made the decision to become a Luciferian, I’m happier, I’m treating myself well, and I feel complete. I’ve had him talk to me directly a couple of times, usually he sticks to gentle touch. I’ve seen him three times outside of dreams. It’s true, for me, he looks a fair amount like BC. I am not ashamed of saying it. The green eyes just hold me, looking into my soul. It scares me sometimes, having him see me so completely. It doesn’t seem fair. I’m tarnished, broken, why would he want me? Who could love me? [writing this now, I feel that safety, and someone just poked me (LOKI!)]

I made a commitment to myself and to Lucifer, that I would make wiser decisions, stop letting the past harm me, and improve myself through writing and learning. I made the commitment to finally finish a novel. I committed to using my hobbies to help me escape my home life. That’s still a work in progress. As it stands, I’m broke, financially dependent on my mother, and stuck in a foreign country with the threat of moving back in with my mother in December looming over my head. It’s hard sometimes to feel good about my life and myself.

Lucifer isn’t a crutch, he’s not stopping me from dealing with my situation. He’s giving me a little love, a little strength, and a healthy shove in the right direction. I spend time with friends more now, I get out more, I am tackling my social anxiety slowly but surely. It’s still difficult. I’m still thinking of how people are judging me, how they’re staring at me. I’m still thinking about how could anyone like me. That doesn’t just disappear.

There’s a song that’s popular these days and two lines really sum it for me some days:

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?

If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?

It’s true. If people are telling me I’m crazy for seeing and hearing him, for making Lucifer a part of my life…why is he my clarity? My remedy? Why has my life improved since he’s entered it?

And a lot of it stems from drama over on Tumblr.

There’s a very large debate going on now, perpetrated by my hate-on-blue fanclub, that makes the case that because gods or entities sometimes take on the likeness of celebrities, and/or because a person can find those gods through a media outlet, that somehow that makes a person a simple fan-tard instead of someone who takes their spirituality seriously. Marvel Lokeans or people who found Loki through Marvel are a good example of this. There’s the claim going around that I somehow made up Lucifer as an excuse to be a Benedict fangirl special pagan snowflake.

Which is utterly ridiculous, and people who have read anything I’ve had to say about Lu and our relationship in the past should know better. I started formally following Lu in 2008, but he’s been in my life at least as far back as 96, 97 . . . that I can actually recall, anyway. His face has changed only a few times but the energy has always been the same; something gentle, soft. Stern and stoic but also comforting at the same time. Regardless of how I see him when I close my eyes, the vibe has always been reassuring for me. I’d know him anywhere.

I won’t pretend that people talking bad about me and accusing me of ‘speshul snowflake syndrome’ doesn’t hurt, because it does. I plan to handle it like I do everything else, and like I have been so far; calmly, rationally, coolly. Getting upset and lashing out is not going to help me, because getting mad makes you  not think about the things that you say, and you just may end up eating your foot. On top of that, the people who say stuff like this have clearly no idea what they’re talking about. That’s a huge comfort.

But look, lets make one thing clear here. I practice my spirituality and my path the way that want to; in a way that makes it enjoyable for me. I don’t do it for other people’s happiness and peace. I do it for mine, and for the service of my god.

It’s not up to anyone else to tell me if I’m doing it “right” or “wrong”. I don’t insist that other people have to do it the same way that I do,  but I will dispense advice based on my personal experiences, if people ask me to. Really if the only criticism is that you don’t like the ‘face’ my deity presents to me and me only? Who cares! He’s not going to show up to you that way anyway so what does it matter? And on that note, if you don’t even  follow my god in the first place, if you don’t know him, then you have absolutely no right to tell me that I’m doing it “right” or “wrong”. I don’t push it on you, and you by extension, have no right to push your preconceived notions of “acceptable” spiritual practices on me.

I don’t keep this blog to please other people. I keep this blog as an online sacred space for my practice. I’m lucky that at least here I can moderate and approve what comes up. Tumblr doesn’t have that luxury. It makes it easy for people to harp on other people with little regard for any of the other facts or details, and most of the time, they won’t want to hear them anyway.

I guess, in summary, I’m not sorry if the imagery I use here and elsewhere bothers people. It’s not your practice, and it doesn’t affect you unless you’re specifically asking me questions about it. Lucifer can appear to anyone however he wants, however they want to see him. But if that’s your biggest fault with someone’s practice; that Loki shows up like Tom Hiddleston or Samael shows up like Cillian Murphy to their respective followers, then you really need to find something else to harp on someone about.

“You can’t blame me because you know  that the idea of spending eternity with nothing to do except praise God is utterly unappealing. You’d be catatonic after an hour. Heaven’s a swiz because to get in you have to leave yourself outside. You can’t blame me because — now do please be honest with yourself for once — you’d have left, too.” 

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan

Over the past few days, my tumblr has literally exploded with asks; both about Lucifer and about both Lokis (MCU and Norse), and so I’ve spent a good chunk of my free time answering these inquiries. Not that I have any objection at all, I’m more than happy to speak with people regarding my experiences if it helps them out even remotely on their own path.

But the subject that I’ve seen come up repeatedly is, ‘well I’m headblind, so what to I do’ . . . ? and because of this, I want to stress something in this post, I feel it bears mentioning.

A bunch of people I know communicate with the gods very well. Very well, either through dreams, omens, signs, interpretations, what have you. Although I do communicate with the gods this way, I also talk with them pretty much “over the shoulder”.

This is not to say that every god comes easy to me; they don’t. Some do and I can communicate with them as clearly as I can someone standing right there in the room with me. Some others, I don’t have a good handle on their energy, and if this is the case, there’s a block there, and either I can’t hear them (there’s “static” on the godphone line), or else they can’t hear me.

That being said, with the ones I can perceive, it’s actually pretty easy. However, I’m aware that this makes me, in pretty much no flowery terms, a total freak.

I actually made peace with it a long time ago. When I was a kid, I had a lot of “imaginary friends”, and since we lived in a rural area on a three acre farm, and there were very few other kids around for me to play with, it was usually my imagination that got me by. Later as I started to get older, I stopped calling them “imaginary friends” and started calling them “muses”, and of course, that made my parents a lot more . . . non-suspecting as the former would have. For all the years of abuse that I took at their hands, it was the gods I spoke with (I was very close to Poseidon in the day) and the beings that revolved around them that helped me through it all. And Lucifer himself, of course.

I also think my ex best friend and I keeping our “people” notebooks for nearly seven years plus was another way of staying in touch with those “voices” I always heard, and like a talent that you have to keep practicing well to keep up, I think that’s what kept the “gift” fresh in my person. I think because I’m an artist, I’ve always put it into use in some way another, so rather than fade, it’s only gotten stronger over the years.

Am I aware that this isn’t a usual thing? Definitely. I’ve dealt with that my whole life. Sometimes I worry that it’s too easy for me. That it’ll somehow hurt my credibility and I’ll end up looking like another fruity Sylvia Browne, only with God-communication as opposed to dead people (I won’t do dead people. I used to see them when I was a kid, but saw some pretty damned scary things and I refused to touch it ever since then. You ever seen the illustrations from the scary stories to tell in the dark books? My childhood and seeing what I called “Dead Land” was pretty much just like that and it scared the crap out of me. I learned how to block that part of it out, thankfully, but anyway.

I guess what I’m getting at is, I’m a total freakazoid. I don’t know why I have this ability to the extent that I do. It might have something to do with a past incarnation, it might have been a need the gods had, or it just might be some weird spiritual wiring I have. I don’t know, I couldn’t tell you.

And as strange at it sounds, I’ve never “consulted” anyone else about it or anything. I perceive energy very well, I’m told, back in yonder days when I used to speak with some more esoteric folks who practiced energywork more than I did, but that’s about the closest I’ve ever been to being told anything about it. Any crap like aura colors or spiritual bodies or anything like that, I have no clue about. Maybe one day I’ll talk to someone with a little more experience in this sort of thing than myself, but I’ll admit, for a spiritual healer and medium, I suck when it comes to matters of self-evaluation in the energetic sense.

So don’t beat yourself down if it’s something you can’t do, no matter how hard you’ve tried. Everyone has their gifts; mine just happens to be hearing the gods talking over my shoulder or doing dances in my dreams at night. Despite this I think most people would tell you I’m a pretty skeptical person. I take tales of “astral travel” with a grain of salt (or a whole shaker), I always first do a psychological profile on my dreams before I attribute them to anything of an otherworld nature, and I think that any for of “Witchcraft” that comes out of a Silver Ravenwolf book or from the mouth of anyone that starts their name with “Lord” or “Lady” with no precedence is a load of crap. I don’t care how many books “Lord Blackwolf Snaggletooth” has written. That doesn’t make him a spiritual authority on anything.

And of course, as long as the privilege isn’t abused, I have no problem helping people get in touch with their gods, or *a* god, if they feel they’re having trouble. I won’t do all the work for you, obviously, but I can tell you how to get started, just based on whatever *I* happen to perceive. From there you can check with other people, other sources, your myths, your lymrics, your eddas, whatever, and verify everything. And then go about your way.

I really feel that I’m meant to help people where I can with this; especially Luciferians; anyone who follows Lu is essentially a brother or a sister to me, so I’m always around for that. But other gods, too, since I know sometimes it’s nice to at least have another voice broach the subject of communication problems.

For years and years I was kind of stuck at an impasse,  wondering what I should do with this, feeling like I was totally out of my element. Funny how a kid with a vivid imagination turns out to have good signal clarity on the Godphone, or whatever.




O mellow my dreams you’ve gone away
O empty belly it’s good to see you
O my dreams of these quiet people
O you and me dancing on my grave.

But oh lord, I know what I’ve done
And oh lord, I ain’t afraid.

Hold me baby, cause your eyes are
Hold me baby, cause your eyes are
The prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, honey we’re bound for the night.

O mellow my son you’ve gone away
O empty belly it’s time to feed you
O my future with these quiet people
O you and me dancing on your grave.

But oh lord, I know what I’ve done
And oh lord, I ain’t afraid.

Hold me baby, cause your eyes are
Hold me baby, cause your eyes are
The prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, honey we’re bound for the night.


Lu is off on one of his very distinctive, ‘went to find myself, if I should return before I get back, keep me here’ journeys. I noticed the day before yesterday he wasn’t looking over my shoulder. Then I got three messages on Tumblr with people asking me, ” Blue where’d Lu go I don’t feel him around anymore!”-que new baby snake Lu devotees panicking.

So I did explain it to them based on my experiences. Yes, this is normal for him. Sometimes he’s gone for days, sometimes for weeks at a time. He seems to take a hiatus from our  world or reality or whatever you want to call it. But he always comes back. You just have to be patient. And he’ll show up if you’re really in a bind anyway.

Sometimes he does come back with some good stories to tell, though. Or dreams to give you that might give you a glimpse of where he’s been or what he’s been up to. His version of a present.

That being said, I’m a bit flattered I got so many messages over it, though. A), it makes me feel like I’m not the only one out there that experiences Lu the way I do, and B), that I’ve been with him  long enough to know this is a pattern of his. I can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction about that. Maybe I’m doing something right.

Updated photos of my altar.

Top shelf is Lucifer specific. Bottom one is just assorted things I keep for assorted people, or for sentimental reasons, as well as some witchy goodies. Most of my supplies I keep in wooden boxes under my offering dishes (pictured).

I was mentioning to another person here on tumblr; eventually I plan to relocate the items on the bottom shelf so that Loki can have a space too next to his (adopted? Is this a thing?) (brother? Lover? Brotp? WHO KNOWS). But that’ll have to wait until I get a shelf I can hang.

Until then, Loki will eventually have a couple of small things on that second shelf when I can get to the party store.

If you’re wondering why Anubis is down there, I bought him ages ago to keep a watch over Orion, my black greyhound, and by extension, the other pets in my home. Which he does, admirably so, bless him.

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Hi! I know I want to start honoring Lucifer but I really don’t know whether to call myself a Satanist or Luciferian. I read up a bit about the difference between the two but I still don’t know which I belong to. All I know is that I would really like to honor Lucifer. Do you have any advice?

Since I’ve been getting this questions quite a bit (and I plan on linking this to my FAQ once I’m done), I’ve decided to turn this into an article. Hooray!

Also, combining this with another question I got earlier today from someone in a conservative Christian background, concerned about hir welfare with regards to being in a conservative Christian community. We’ll cover all of these in this article I’m going to write.

So lets’ start off.

Firstly, I want you to abolish the thought, right now, that being a Luciferian requires any kind of ritual or fancy trappings. It doesn’t. The first thing I’ll say is that you can scratch any kind of ‘image’ about what a Luciferian should or shouldn’t be right off the paper. Although you may or may not end up with stipulations on your person, it’s not about a fad, or the way you dress, or special symbols, or even magic. None of that. No altars required (although I keep one out of devotion and love), no wants, no special tools except for what he instructs you that you need. Or what you feel you need.

But first off, if you’re wishing to develop a relationship with Lu, and you want to do this in a theistic sense, you’re going to have to establish a line of communication.

Lucifer gave me a message to pass onto people who would follow him; and I tell people it’s completely optional whether you regard it as truth or not, but this was my experience. He told me, ‘tell them that should they desire my presence, only speak my name aloud, and I shall come’.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Put desire and intent into it, and say it out loud. You can either call him Lucifer or Helel (which I don’t speak out loud or in writing out of respect for the tradition from whence it came, and Lucifer’s preference). From that point, if you don’t have a Godphone ™, that is, if you can’t communicate directly with gods or entities via clairvoyance or clairsentience, you’ll need to be on the lookout for some of his calling cards.

Commonly attributed to Lu are peacocks and constrictors (and only constrictors. Venomous serpents are the domain of Lu’s rival Samael) , especially white ones. Be on the lookout for these motifs cropping up. Also apples. Lots and lots of apples. It’s the wave in your face that says ‘I’m here now you have to make the choice to bite’.

Clear starlight nights are a good time to speak to him. I’d suggest just opening up and talking to him. I like to do it in a whisper (the same with saying his name) because it seems to be more respectful and has more ambiance. But that’s just me.

When Lu arrives, you may smell something cool and crisp, like a snowy day, or a really really misty morning with a lot of very damp, perhaps burning leaves. Common physical signs are a persistent ache in the left shoulder and a light tapping on the left wrist. If you get in really good with him and you please him, in the wee dawn hours when the sun is coming up, just when the sky starts to turn blue, you might “dream” you’re hearing violin music. It’s a gift he gives his followers.

His sacred colors are a frosted, pale jade green, or a peacock blue. His stones are peacock ore, moonstone, or those faceted crystals you can buy; he’s very fond of those.

The only tool Lu has ever required me to have is a white-handled knife. I have done a blood oath to him but my athame with it’s white handle is for inscription and sigil work only, because the blade isn’t sharp enough for anything else, so I keep a black-handled knife for anything different, as a marked set aside from my sacred one that I had made. Check with Lu to see if he wants you to have anything specific; he might not.

If you’re determined to set up an altar for him, he appreciates decadent chocolate (no NOT HERSHEYS. He’ll scoff and be offended. We’re talking some deluxe Switzerland stuff. Godiva or Ghiradelli is the MINIMAL he’ll take), white wine (Zinfandel, Montrachet, or Champagne. NOT bottom self!) cake with honey, or anything apple flavored. I left him a caramel apple pop once and he was amused. I also have put peacock feathers, poetry, pictures of a couple of his forms, and charms of snakes and peacocks on there, and I leave him offerings of apples. Again, this is all personal, but if you’re wanting to be formal about it all, this is a starting point.

But talking to him is the big thing. He wants to get to know you, and you have to get to know him. He might send you dreams. Lu is not a shy god and rumor has it that he’s one of the more “obvious” ones when he’s trying to get your attention. As in he’s not subtle. Another thing you can look for when he’s around is people mentioning “Lucifer”, “Morning Star” or anything celestial in frequent fashion when the conversation otherwise wouldn’t normally call for it. I remember once I got lost here locally when I first moved here and I prayed to Lu to help me find my way back to the freeway.

I ended up on a street called “Morningstar Drive”.

Which took me-guess where-back to the freeway.

You’ll want to do your studying. Read your Dante, your Milton, your Gnostic texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Book of Enoch, the Catholic Book of Tobit, all your Goetics, your Faust. Study your angelology and demonology. Make yourself thirsty for the knowledge.

I also tell potential devotees of his, pick up some form of artistic or trade skill. Write for him, draw for him. Do beadwork, metalwork, leatherwork, glass shaping, pottery, anything. Lucifer is very practical but he’s also an artist and master musician himself, and he prefers his followers to have some skills in something they’re passionate about. The reasoning for this is that if you have true passion for something, you’re less likely to be indifferent about a lot of things. I’m pretty sure he’ll make you pick a charity to do work for, too, or he’ll assign you a task to do. What this is is anyone’s guess. He made me go to medical school to enhance my practice. Hard to be an oracle and a shaman if you can’t tell the difference between a possession and a cardiac incident or something.

Gnosis. You’ll need it, which is where your studies will come in. Develop your own theories, your own ideas. Then get out there and share them. Be warned; the Luciferian path? Not for everyone. Comparatively speaking, it’s almost dangerous. Especially if you live in a ‘thumpin’ neighborhood. Be careful who you talk to about it. Broach the subject carefully. Don’t boast. There are other places you can go if you’re trying to be ‘edgy’ or ‘cool’. Lucifer is a poncy and refined god and even though he’s got a very long fuse, it’s not infinite, and you don’t want to make him mad. He’s the same as any other god, and since Lu values lessons above most other things, he won’t hesitate to use you as an example. A word to the wise.

But I think lastly, the biggest piece of advise that I can offer is, you need to be prepared for a lot of change. Lucifer won’t do it for you, but he’ll expect that you do it yourself. They say that a god’s followers embody them. Maybe you’ll be casual, and this won’t necessarily apply. Maybe he’ll request full blown devotion. Maybe you’ll offer it. Be careful about the last. Lucifer will ask you if you’re sure at least once, but if you say “yes” both times, there’s no turning back.

I have stipulations on certain things. Words I’m not allowed to say, foods I’m not allowed to eat, clothes I’m not allowed to wear. Not every person who follows a god does so with these kinds of stipulations in mind. But if you’re the sort of person who is rude, vulgar, and with no personal aesthetic, I will tell you right now, this may not be the path for you. Consider carefully. If you decide to go this route, however, it will very much pay off in the end. You might not be rich with money, but spiritually? You’ll be sated. I’m very much at peace with my path and my practice, and even though I have days where I worry like every human being does, I know what I’m here for, and I know there’s a god out there that loves me and takes care of me. Not many  people can say they have that kind of certainty. But it’s very fulfilling.

I wish you and everyone else starting out the best of luck. Stars bless.

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