Lucifer is, as mentioned, a gentleman. I don’t think that there would be any hostility or animosity on his part towards you, but understand that when *I* interact with someone of a Christian background, I’m wary given the reactions I’ve garnered from them in the past. Given this, you’re likely going to experience something similar. I imagine there’ll be some degree of aloofness. I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes off as cold. I doubt this is personal, and I wouldn’t treat it that way. He’s probably naturally going to be curious why you’re wanting to speak to him, though… that curiosity will run both ways.

Regarding not offending him. Here’s where I’ll dispense advice based on my personal experience. Firstly, be cordial. Abstain from being vulgar or rude; he doesn’t like that one bit. He’s (more than) a little Lecter-ish about that. He’s quiet and softspoken, but he’s also cutting. He will call out any ignorance on your part, probably right out the gate.

He looks at you and he knows  your guilty pleasures, your faults, your pitfalls, every dark thought that’s likely ever crossed your mind. Don’t try to lie about it or justify it. That first time you speak with him, you’re going to feel like you’re on trial. In a way, you are.  That’s his sacred duty, his role, to make you feel that way. Don’t lash out at him. Resist the temptation to get angry. The second you start hurling ‘get thee behind me satan’ at him, you’re going to trip over your own feet in this dance. Then you’ll see him smile. But he’s not smiling because he’s pleased. He’s smiling because you just made yourself out to be an idiot, and you’ve lost.

Remember that he was once gods’ most beloved, most beautiful angel. He knows things we do not. He sees further than we do. He is not omnipotent, but you aren’t either, and if man is a book, we are See Spot Run, and Lucifer is a massive Encyclopedia written in every language man has ever known.  What does a person do when they encounter a serpent curled in the grass as it rears up and spreads it’s hood? They are careful. They speak carefully, move carefully. They do not act rashly if they are wise.

If you keep this advice in mind, you should be fine. I wish you the best of luck.