How Lu relates to the other gods is a difficult subject to begin speaking about, given that it borders the dangerous territory of the myth, gnosis and canon of plenty of other deities. However given that this was a requested topic for this evening, I’m going to take the leap and speak about how I have seen other gods and beings interact with The Mourningstar.

Any time that people ask me what the best way to approach Lucifer is . . .  how to act around him, what to say to him, what the proper course of etiquette is. . . my answer is always some variation or another on ‘treat him like a psychic Hannibal Lecter’. And that is usually the best and most spot on analogy that I can come up with. We’ve mentioned before that Lucifer is abhorrent of the rude; he despises vulgarity and crudity. People who are ill mannered and ill tempered upset him, but you’ll scarcely see it on his face, and there’s very little in the way of signs to indicate that you’ve offended him. He remains a gentleman up until the moment it’s time for the devil to have his due.

This makes Lucifer dangerous. Not just to man, not just because he is a being with a clear agenda in our own world as well as the other worlds, the otherrealms, but because he is stoic. Not easily read and a talented liar. Lucifer is an expert at flattery and manipulation, and his beauty is only a part of it. Lucifer is the sugar water that draws the hummingbirds. . . they flock to him like magnets, and humans aren’t the only ones affected.

There are few entities that with deal with Lucifer. Among them the most common seems to be trickster spirits, spirits that turn expectations upside down, gods that require their followers to look deep within themselves, to learn and to grow only when their worlds are turned upside down. With Lucifer it’s much the same. In order to understand what it means to be one of his, nothing short of walking through hell will do.

To some, hell is every bit what horrors and torments man has dreamed up. Ruling Kings control boiling lakes of sulfur and forests with trees that bleed when their brittle branches are broken-rivers of bubbling acid that flow from one place to the next. It is not a place of luxury except to those denizens that populate it, to the areas that are forged by the embodiments of those elements of damnation. It is a long path down to the deepest and darkest of those realms-the one Lucifer returns to to rest, to replenish himself; a place that is so bitterly cold it burns, and so dark that only it’s residents with forked tongues to taste the air currents can even navigate it, and avoid stepping off a slippery slope and taking a tumble into the abyssal nothingness, the sheer drop on either side.

No, it is a rare god indeed that would deal with the master of such a world, of such a realm. One who makes his way in pitch black with only a minute breath of icy air to mark the boundary of existence and The Void. Lucifer, perhaps, is the one being in all the cosmos who has walked that boundary, that thin line, and returned. Though not unscathed. Whatever truth it was he saw in the dark led to that infamous rebellion. Perhaps the rest of the gods fear Lucifer’s desire to build a permanent home for his people, away from nothingness and pain and the loneliness of exile, would lead him to take his army to their own doorstep. Or maybe it is his eloquent, hissing tongue that they fear more; that it speaks a fine print they can not or would not understand.

Or that Lucifer’s followers, those who choose his path, choose one of godhood of their own merit. That those who take his hand and follow him are dreamers; architects of their own destiny, people outside of the dichotomy; away from the black and white, the light and dark. They construct worlds within worlds, they are creators. With Lucifer, any element could be his element. . . any one of his dreamers lends their own magics to the dreams within dreams within dreams. Suddenly his is not just a  realm of endlessness. It is anything and everything. A key to a universe.

When you have gods that are associated with specific elements, and suddenly one comes along and has stepped outside the boundaries. . . when a rebel comes along and changes the rules of the game. And that’s what makes Lucifer the wild card. That’s what makes him the creature that most other gods are afraid to interact with. His stoicism, his calculating mind, his dreamers and his world shapers, each one something new, something unexpected. . .Lucifer and his people are not creatures that can be predicted.