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On a starred night Prince Lucifer uprose.

Tired of his dark dominion swung the fiend

Above the rolling ball in cloud part screened,

Where sinners hugged their spectre of repose.

Poor prey to his hot fit of pride were those.

And now upon his western wing he leaned,

Now his huge bulk o’er Afric’s sands careened,

Now the black planet shadowed Arctic snows.

Soaring through wider zones that pricked his scars

With memory of the old revolt from Awe,

He reached a middle height, and at the stars,

Which are the brain of heaven, he looked, and sank.

Around the ancient track marched, rank on rank,

The army of unalterable law.

George Meridith   via oharkyemorningstar



This is actually a similar ritual to preserving a full moon, in that the instructions are basically the same. In case you need ‘star light’ for your spells-specifically anything that is in alignment with work having to do with heavenly bodies NOT within our own solar system, or it’s gods, or working with pop culture entities (such as The Doctors, but also, lets say, with some Star Trek/Star Wars/ect personalities).

What you’ll need:

~A Lightcatcher, or five [be careful; some of the larger ones cost upwards of USD $10 or more]. You can find these in most new age stores, or sometimes gift shops in malls or places like Hallmark stores. They should be clear, and look something like this [bonus points if you can find one in the shape of a star!]:


~A white, soft cloth the wrap the catcher in.

~Holy water (blessed according to your tradition. If you are strictly a pop culture pagan, you may substitute bottled spring water here, boiled an allowed to cool with a pinch of salt. Please check the label on the bottle to be sure that it is NOT labeled “PWS”, which stands for public water source. This basically means it just came from the tap. Also do not endorse bottled water by Nestle, as this corporate conglomerate is trying to privatize water distribution].

~A blanket

~Music optional

What to do:

Let the [stone] sit in holy water at least overnight; preferably longer in a windowsill where fresh air is coming through. On a reasonably clear night, go to a park or other place where you can lay out a blanket and gaze up at the stars. For added awesome, you might consult a star chart for a specific stellar event, such as a meteor shower, to catch that energy , too.

If you have music that will evoke feelings of relaxation and peace, put it on now. Rest the catcher over your heart. Relax. Breathe. Stare up at the stars. Focus on feeling your pulse. Imagine that those stars high above, burning and shining their light down, are pulsing in time with you. Mentally imagine with each pulse, it enters through the stone. Allow it to circulate through you as clean light, fro the stone and into your heart, up through your neck an into your head, back down again all the way to your feet, and then back up to the stone. Once it comes back to the stone again, it remains there. Now there is not only starlight,  but it is a living, breathing, pulsing thing.

Remain as long as desired. Once you have risen, wrap the lightcatcher in the soft white cloth. Place it on the altar when you return home. You may either use the captured energy in a spell, or soak the lightcatcher in holy water, an elixir, or potion. Consider it, however, a one-time use thing. That star’s light came through millions of years to you and met your eyes, whichever star it was, and that star has died to give it to you. Don’t disrespect it’s sacrifice by attempting, so to speak, to squeeze every last drop out of it you can. Treat it as something immensely sacred and important.

Also as such, it is recommended that once you have used the stars’ energy, that you respectfully hang the crystal up as an offering to the heavens and those same celestial bodies. If you wish to repeat this technique, use a brand new crystal. They may be expensive, but let it be a lesson in being mindful where, when, and how you use something so important. If you have the money to spend $30 dollars on lightcatchers a week, you can sure repeat as often as you like, but after a while, you’re going to have a lot of discarded vessels laying around. And light in your wallet!

I hope you enjoyed this technique, please feel free to reblog and share the love.


[Per Request: do you have an exercise for blocking out unwanted images, whether they are just in your own head or a psychic intrusion?]

Exercise 2: Blocking imagery

[Part of an ongoing series by request, mostly for punchbuggydragon written over on my Pop Culture Paganism blog-please feel free to share if it helps you!] [Lesson One may be found here]

Disclaimer before I begin:

These tips and tricks are all ones that I use in my personal practice, and are by no means universal, or the only way to do things. However I have found through repetition and experimentation  that they are the most effective for me. If they work for you, please share them; I’m putting the majority of them up for everyone to use in the interest of fostering support in the pop-culture and modern pagan communities. Please don’t remove the credit, and do link back to me if you post this elsewhere. Otherwise, I hope this helps, and share the love!


Because it’s such an important topic that we need to cover, and because I’ve had several people asking me to write it, I decided to diverge from what I call the [promised] “fruit salad” exercise this week to introduce you all to some basic ‘blocking out’ and ‘warning’ visualization tricks. Again, this is a reminder that we will not be venturing into more detailed visuals for a good long while; these are just the rudimentary basics. Before you attempt any kind of venturing “out” on your own, you should have done some studying ahead of time in other basic techniques such as shielding.

Remember; not everyone will be able to do these immediately. It may take you a dozen tries or more; that’s A OK. Just take your time, it’s not a race. <3

~Things you’ll need~

A quiet space where you won’t be bothered


Music that helps you relax.

Step 1: As with exercise 1, close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Sink into the silence (or your music). Focus on the breathing we discussed earlier.

Step 2: Go back to your white [or black, it’s different for everybody] room. Again, there should be nothing in this room but you. You should be seeing from a first person perspective: if you’re not, you’re not doing this exercise correctly. You should be seeing things as if you were looking from your own eyes. NOT as an outside viewer, say, watching a movie. Are you back in your white room? Yes? Good.

Step Three: Again, focus on your sense of self. Feel and see your hands. Look down at your feet. What kind of clothing are you wearing? What kind of shoes? This is helping get you grounded in your own mental space. Walk around for a moment. Take into account your stride, your footsteps. We’ll come back to this in the next exercise.

Step Four: Once you feel as though you have a rudimentary sense of self in this space, I want you to turn and look to your right. Now in your blank white room, you see a door. This door should be standing open. I want you to take into account the appearance of the door itself. Is it a fancy french door? Hinged or swinging or revolving? Glass or wood panel? What does the knob look like.

Step FiveThis next part is important. Once you have a visual on your open-door, and the knob, I want you to look at the knob itself. You need to visualize a lock on this doorknob. That’s important. In fact, visualize as many different locks as you’d like. You could have one on the knob itself, a deadbolt, ect, ect.

Step 6: Now I want you to visualize what’s on the other side of the door. Some people, if they’re standing in a white space, see only a black void, and visa versa [personally I see a star field]. This represents the “ether”, the myriad different places outside your headspace. There are a lot of different paths beyond that door and the immediate area just in front of it; but we’re not going to step through the door today; until you’re familiar with other techniques and know your shields, your own defensive capabilities, and yes, your guardians, guides and helpers, you shouldn’t.

Step 7: Now I want you to envision the thought/person/energy that has become bothersome or intrusive to you. They can appear as whatever you like; either as a being, a string of words, a gelatinous blob, whatever. It doesn’t have to be specific, although given we’ve only experimented a little with your visualization at this point, try as best you can. Got it? Good. Ready to get rid of it? Awesome.

Step 8: Take the door by it’s handle, and simply walk it closed. If you want to make a point to whatever-it-is that they are especially not welcome, slam it. As hard as you can. I want you to focus not only on the tactile sensation of  the actual movements associated with slamming or closing the door, but also the sound it makes. The click, the wham! … whatever works best for you.

[Addendum: if the actual “thing” is already through the door and in your head space, you should visualize a hurricane-gale wind that breezes through your space. It does not affect you, but it does have enough power to shove the thought or feeling just beyond the door’s threshold]

Step 9: Is the door closed? Good. Lock it. As many times as you like. Remember to focus on all the sensations associated with that.

Step 10: Ever seen those brinks home security commercials? Good. We’re going to put an alarm on your door. Once the door is closed and locked I want you to visualize a field radiating out across the walls from it’s boundary. This could be like the numbers from the Brinks commercials, or if you have a particular element you favor, a wall of water, fire, ect. It should roll over the “white” walls of your space, and then disappear. Hold the intent in your head as it spreads that it should alert you if something ever ‘breaks in’ your space. Now you not only have a conscious knowledge that your headspace and your spiritual internal space and body are alarmed and protected, but your affirming mentally that you will be aware of when that space is breached.

Last but not least, you should be aware ahead of time of what your “alarm” will sound like when it goes off. I have a song I use for mine; so that when that song gets “stuck” in my head [“Bad Moon Rising” , for example, though mine’s a bit creepier] you know  you’ve had a breach. If ever faced with a breach, repeat steps 7-10. Once you’ve become familiar with your guardians and guides, too, feel free to invoke them to become involved in “kicking” whatever has invaded your space. [* You should also repeat these steps any time you find yourself in a very vivid dream, as you may have wandered out through your “door” and into someone elses’ space, or another reality entirely, and you don’t want any stragglers following you back!]

Again, record your experiences in a journal or your BOS. You should be keeping a record every time you do these exercises.

As always, sharing is caring! Spread the love, and let me know if this has helped you at all. Goo luck, questions are always permitted/encouraged!



before dawn; held or being before light.

Etymology: from Latin antelucanusante, “before” + lux, “light”.

[Herbert James Draper – Day & the Dawnstar]


. . . Sigh.

I really want to try to help. At the same time, remembering every other time I’ve tried to lend a hand and it’s blown up in my face.

. . .Gettin’ way too old and jaded anymore. T.T

#so sorry Lu #I try so hard for you #but stupid people T.T


Exercise 1: Visualization

[Part of an ongoing series by request, mostly for punchbuggydragon written over on my Pop Culture Paganism blog-please feel free to share if it helps you!]

Disclaimer before I begin: 

Of course, there are lots of different ways to go about working with different entities, gods and no, and no two people are quite the same. In this series, I’m attempting to share what has worked for me in the past, and has seemed to have been effective in others I’ve dispensed these techniques to over the years. By no means is it the only way to do things, and if they don’t work for you, feel free to tailor them to your needs. Credit isn’t necessary, I offer this up out of love [and recently at the behest of a Ten who seems eager to wave at some folks], although I ask that you at least reblog this out of respect if it helps you, just so I can get an idea of how well things are working out for people. More for the sake of future folks who might request my advice on the subject.

And, as always, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.


The first lesson we’re going to get into is developing key skills you’ll need just to be able to open up a channel with the pop culture entity [or really any entity, though I VERY STRONGLY ADVISE that you stick with what is familiar and feels safe to you, at least until you feel comfortable enough to possibly dabble in other things.] You should be familiar with some sort of personal shielding before attempting this; that is something out of the scope of this blog, and if you don’t know how to do this, I very strongly advocate that you stop right now and do some research and practice before you continue on. Yes? Yes. Awesome. Here we go.

This first exercise focuses on visualization only. This is not something everyone will be able to do at the drop of a hat at first. Don’t panic; some people aren’t natural visuals. We’ll move on to other senses later.

Things you’ll need: 

A Quiet Place to work, OR:

Headphones and music that helps put you in a relaxed state of mind.

Step 1. Close your eyes. Either focus on the silence or the music that helps you relax. Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. Your belly should move when you breathe in; this is a classic yoga breathing and it helps. Trust me. Your chest should move as little as possible. Breathe out slowly. Repeat until you feel relaxed. Ideally serene. *

Step 2. With your eyes remaining closed, picture yourself in a blank white room. To give you an idea of how it should look-remember the blank room Morpheus first introduces Neo to in The Matrix? It should look like that (although some people tell me theirs are black. This is ok too). There should be nothing in this room. Just you.

Step 3. Try to picture your hands. First just focus on the shape of them, as though you’re holding them out in front of you. Got it? Good. Flex them. Hold up each finger in secession, counting up from 1 to 10. Repeat backwards. Yes, some people will have to try this step over the course of several days/tries. No rush. Take your time.

Step 4. Once you got the feel of your hands down, we’re going to try to focus on something in them. Ready? Close your hands, folded prayer-style. Now open them slowly; there’s an object in your hand. This object is a large, red apple.

Step 5. Turn the apple over in your hand. Just focus on actually moving it. Watch the light reflect off the smooth surface; this is where your visualization skills will really be put into play. Ask yourself some questions. What SORT of red is it? Red Delicious/Deep red? Or mottled green and red? Do you still see the produce sticker from the grocery store on it? Is it wrinkled and rotten and hardly reflective at all? Or shiny and crispy looking? Does it still have the stem? Is it bruised? Or iarge and round or is it more of a crabapple off a tree? Think about these things as you turn it over. Visualize each separately if you need to. Take your time. Again, it’s not a race. It may take a while for you to do this**

Step 6. Now focus on the weight of the apple. Is it heavy? Is it one of those huge juicy apples [that are probably genetically engineered these days. T>T] you’d get at the market? Or is it more of a smaller apple just picked off the tree? Drop it. What noise does it make? Does it split apart? Is it only bruised? Or did it just hit with a dull thud? [Rotten]. Again. Take your time with this.

Step 7. Pick up the (probably abused at this point) apple. Fold your hands closed again. Make it disappear. This weeks first lesson is over.

Step 8. Record your experiences in a journal or notebook. Note what areas you had the easiest time with, and which were the hardest for you. This will give you an idea of what ‘dream’ senses you need to work on [sound is mine] when we start getting into more complicated exercises. You’ll want to do this one a few times, and make note of the consistencies and incongrucences each time.

Next week, we make fruit salad! :D

*Obviously anyone with a respiratory illness such as a cold or a flu, wait until you get better for this.  If you have a chronic respiratory disorder like I do [Asthma/Allergies] then you’ll want to breathe however feels safe for YOU. Always follow your doctors advice, obviously. However as a severe Asthmatic and an EMT I’ve found the yoga breathing very effective.

** Write down your results, either in your journal or, for more traditional type pagans who adore their BOS, in your spellbook!

You guys are all the sweetest followers anyone could ask for. I mean that sincerely. Spiritually and creatively lately I’ve felt so dried up I actually started to worry that my depression was getting worse and my medication wasn’t working. But it seems to be just a dry spell. One that I’m hoping will pass soon. But so many of you have sent in positive thoughts and comments, it’s a little hard NOT to be moved by that. So thank you, I mean that from the depths of my heart. I know you’re all busy people too and I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to express your thoughts and your worries for me. I love you all. <3

However due to several big blow-outs all across several online communities, I’ve made it a point, for my own mental health, to stay as far away as possible from all the drama. I feel that some times things have jus become so toxic among different groups of people a person almost can’t talk about anything without facing an unhealthy amount of bullying and hatred. I will honestly never understand why people feel a need to be so cruel to one another when there are loads of better things they could be doing.

With regards to my practice, I’ve been incorporating new elements into it, but I might make a more general blog for those sorts of things as opposed to having to summarize all of them on Lu’s e-shrine. It doesn’t seem right. . . and I’ve been struggling for a few weeks to determine what the best way to go about doing that is. And, honestly, I’ve not been in too big a hurry about it, because not many people have seemed all that concerned. Or interested for that matter. Which isn’t to say that’s the reason for a lack of posting, but for me as an artist, being dried up on inspiration does awful things to me in a spiritual sense, because the two things are so connected.

So as I mentioned in my last post. . . once I’ve taken some time to get things sorted out, things will be back to normal. Until then, I’m in a spiritual sort of drought. Just waiting for the right rainstorm to come rolling in,  I suppose.

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