This is actually a similar ritual to preserving a full moon, in that the instructions are basically the same. In case you need ‘star light’ for your spells-specifically anything that is in alignment with work having to do with heavenly bodies NOT within our own solar system, or it’s gods, or working with pop culture entities (such as The Doctors, but also, lets say, with some Star Trek/Star Wars/ect personalities).

What you’ll need:

~A Lightcatcher, or five [be careful; some of the larger ones cost upwards of USD $10 or more]. You can find these in most new age stores, or sometimes gift shops in malls or places like Hallmark stores. They should be clear, and look something like this [bonus points if you can find one in the shape of a star!]:


~A white, soft cloth the wrap the catcher in.

~Holy water (blessed according to your tradition. If you are strictly a pop culture pagan, you may substitute bottled spring water here, boiled an allowed to cool with a pinch of salt. Please check the label on the bottle to be sure that it is NOT labeled “PWS”, which stands for public water source. This basically means it just came from the tap. Also do not endorse bottled water by Nestle, as this corporate conglomerate is trying to privatize water distribution].

~A blanket

~Music optional

What to do:

Let the [stone] sit in holy water at least overnight; preferably longer in a windowsill where fresh air is coming through. On a reasonably clear night, go to a park or other place where you can lay out a blanket and gaze up at the stars. For added awesome, you might consult a star chart for a specific stellar event, such as a meteor shower, to catch that energy , too.

If you have music that will evoke feelings of relaxation and peace, put it on now. Rest the catcher over your heart. Relax. Breathe. Stare up at the stars. Focus on feeling your pulse. Imagine that those stars high above, burning and shining their light down, are pulsing in time with you. Mentally imagine with each pulse, it enters through the stone. Allow it to circulate through you as clean light, fro the stone and into your heart, up through your neck an into your head, back down again all the way to your feet, and then back up to the stone. Once it comes back to the stone again, it remains there. Now there is not only starlight,  but it is a living, breathing, pulsing thing.

Remain as long as desired. Once you have risen, wrap the lightcatcher in the soft white cloth. Place it on the altar when you return home. You may either use the captured energy in a spell, or soak the lightcatcher in holy water, an elixir, or potion. Consider it, however, a one-time use thing. That star’s light came through millions of years to you and met your eyes, whichever star it was, and that star has died to give it to you. Don’t disrespect it’s sacrifice by attempting, so to speak, to squeeze every last drop out of it you can. Treat it as something immensely sacred and important.

Also as such, it is recommended that once you have used the stars’ energy, that you respectfully hang the crystal up as an offering to the heavens and those same celestial bodies. If you wish to repeat this technique, use a brand new crystal. They may be expensive, but let it be a lesson in being mindful where, when, and how you use something so important. If you have the money to spend $30 dollars on lightcatchers a week, you can sure repeat as often as you like, but after a while, you’re going to have a lot of discarded vessels laying around. And light in your wallet!

I hope you enjoyed this technique, please feel free to reblog and share the love.