Lately there have been a lot of graphics of roses going up on my path blog(s).

There’s a reason for this.

In the past I’ve attributed more lavender (and vanilla) gentle scents-as well as the obvious apple and pumpkin and pomegranate-to Lucifer. As far as florals go, anyway.

But not long ago I was looking up graphics of roses for a totally unrelated reason and stumbled on a picture of frozen rose hips, which looked like a star.


Frozen Star by emillemily on Deviantart

Lucifer’s actual element has always been winter to me; winter, frost, snow. Some fall-ish stuff in there, too, but mostly winter. This probably has a lot to do with how he’s portrayed in Dante’s Inferno. 

But then I got to talking with another friend of mine, and the story arose between the two of us; that God, loving Lucifer as he did, created the rose to give to his beloved angel. But Lucifer, being of cold and not fire like the other angels, went to touch it, and it froze as he did. Lucifer was so disheartened that God placed a star inside the flower to remind Lucifer that no matter warmth or cold, even in a killing frost, that he was still beautiful to him, and always would be.

I loved this idea so much that I decided I plan to incorporate it into my practice; divinely inspired? Who knows, but maybe he’ll love it, too.