I’ve an overwhelming amount of stuff to write; so much so that I hardly know where to begin following the holidays. I’m honestly thankful that they’re over, because I’m tired following all the festivities, and I’m looking foreword to carrying on with my days.

But; there’s that. And then there’s the repeat dreams I’ve had with Lu-or at least symbolism heavily indicative of-the past couple of weeks. I like dreaming about him because it’s almost like a relief to me; when I know it’s him talking to me, sending me messages, reassuring me, I know he’s watching, and it’s a comfort to feel him watching over me in just about everything. Daunting, maybe, sometimes. But comforting.

I’ve gotten it in my head that I’m going to at least attempt to structure my practice a little bit this year. That means coming up with my own rituals and my own set days to offer to Him in formal manner. Not just the every day little things, which I know he appreciates (he’s told me this many times, and he’s also stated that he certainly doesn’t require specific days and pomp and circumstance). But I feel like I want to specifically put myself in a ritualistic mindset some of the time; I’m to a point now in my own health and well being that I feel I can take this next step. in September I went on Hiatus from doing oracle readings because I was feeling a bit backwards, and had to try and gain my footing again.

And I couldn’t even really tell you *how* I felt backwards, and turned around. Maybe it’s just because of everything that happened in May; although I feel the whole conflict I had with my own inner demons, which culminated in an awful relapse, put me closer to him in ways that he and I hadn’t quite reached yet, at the same time, I feel like regular activity with him ceased outside of our more intense encounters in my dreaming, and our more casual topics of conversation when I write to him in my (private) note books.

I plan to bring some of this up with my girlfriend once I get back around and my internet is back on (hence why I’ve been gone this week; we’re waiting for the new company to come out and hook up service). Until then, I have a lot to get out and even more things that I have to get organized, including getting back to the tedious task of redoing all my tags and archiving things that need to be cleaned up, moved out of the way, aren’t pertinent anymore, ect.

Which also begs the question. I’ve noticed people seem to have a very real problem when something in someone’s practice changes. I’ve been practicing formally as a Luciferian for going on eight years. A lot of the ideas that I had eight years ago obviously don’t hold even the slightest bit of water for me now. I find keeping things tidy and cleaned up makes it easiest not only for me to reference things that have shifted around for me, but also makes it easier for people who are interested in what I do to FIND things that are current, without me having to state a disclaimer anywhere and everywhere. Managing a blog like OMS isn’t easy just *because* of the fact that I think it’s important to keep everything up-to-date current. And with all this stuff coming up that I feel is going to be an important factor in how and where and WHEN I practice, that becomes even more important.

TL:DR. I have a lot of work to do when I get back; because Lu came in and clubbed me over the head with one of his infamous clue-by-fours, and before I can even begin to get all THAT strait in my head, I have to get everything else situated, too.