“OKay but why do Luciferians sounds like they always have a thesaurus on hand. They are so high and mighty holy shit. Step off your high horse for five minutes to realize that no one CARES”

“Our vernacular, at least that I’m aware of, comes from the fact that a large majority of Luciferians that I’ve met, theistic or no, enjoy knowledge for the sake of knowledge and simple absorption of information for the sake of personal and spiritual growth. Not to mention the fact straying away from lallation in general makes people more inclined to listen to what you have to say. Surprise! When you conduct yourself with a modicum of tact and sapience, excepting for circumstances in which the linguistic is a parody in and of itself, you look less saxicolous and more serious about what it is you had to say in the first place.”

#not gonna lie #was a bit too amused at my own response not to share it #Luciferian pride 2015 #I laughed so hard writing this I made myself sick