~About My Practice~

Q: How would you define your practice? What label do you use to identify yourself?

A: I identify as a Theistic Luciferian, for the most part. There are times when I will cross over into calling it satanism in the sense of being an advocate in an adversarial role. I’m also a secular witch, meaning I practice magic outside of any paradigm, as I believe magic and the energy needed to utilize it are simply natural forces of the universe and don’t require a belief in the divine to utilize.

Q: How long have you been a practicing Luciferian?

A: I made my formal oaths in July of 2008, so I’m going on eight years. I’ve been a pagan since I was eleven or so, when I picked up my first book, so that would put me around going on seventeen years.

Q: What tradition were you raised in?

A: A mixture of Catholic [never baptized] and Southern Baptist.

Q: How did you come to follow Lucifer?

A: Growing up I was a very devout Christian, at least in my mind. I prayed hard and prayed often, went to church, read the bible, everything I thought I needed to do to be what ‘God’ wants a person to be. However during a rough spot in my life, for all my prayers and pleads and cries for help, I never once felt that ‘God’ had any interest in me at all, nor a desire to help. I was in a pretty bad way, and then Lucifer came to me in a dream to comfort me. I renounced ‘God’ shortly thereafter and haven’t looked back since.

Q: Who is Lucifer? What ‘version’ of Lucifer do you follow?

A: I identify Lucifer mostly as the anti-hero figure in tales such as Milton’s Paradise Lost, and rarely with any established canonical sources other than ones in which he was once a fallen angel and now a Ha-Shaitan, which means “accuser”-an angel who watches over mankind and is responsible for the prosecution of souls that come under his influence. I differentiate between the Lucifer *I* have come to know and the Lucifer some others follow by a corruption of his moniker ‘The Morning Star’-to me, he is The Mourning Star, the angel who so loved god his exile from heaven made him weep tears that extinguished the flames of hell, which would make it the cold dark place it is according to my personal mythology. I’m aware some other folks have picked up this corruption of his name also, but it’s original intent was to establish the difference between my lore and the lore of other practitioners.

Q: What’s the difference between Lucifer and Satan?

A: Satan originally was the name of an office or duty for lots of angels. It means “Accuser”, and typically was given to those beings working under god to test mankind and find fault in their faith. I believe that Lucifer is *A* satan. However, according to my personal mythology, he is not the entity that most people would consider ‘The Devil’. That is reserved for another fallen angel who made his own trouble in heaven.

Q: How do you communicate with Lucifer?

A: Usually, through dreams. I have a very vivid dream life, and so using a combination of herbs meant to encourage dreaming as well as a lifetime of chronicling my dreams in my notebooks and journals, I’m able to well remember what it was I dreamed about. Because of this, I can typically request to see him when I go to sleep, and I’ll dream about him during. Lucifer, however, is also a very forward god in terms of communication with his followers; if you request his presence, if you’re the sort whose unable to simply ‘feel’ or know when he’s there, he’ll send you plenty of signs and omens. Seeing peacocks, roses, apples, and snakes everywhere seems to be the big ones, or else hearing constant references to him or The Morning Star. He also does talk to people; those that have ‘godphones’ typically find him easy to ‘pick up’. It’s very much like being able to hear your favorite song playing on your head. You can’t physically hear it, but at the same time, you can; right down to lyrics, beat, tone, tempo, ect.

Q: What does Lucifer’s presence feel like?

A: In the past, several other Luciferians and myself have joked that it’s like being in the company of a very youthful Hannibal [Lecter]. This is true; he’s very affluent, dignified, and graceful, and he detests rude people. He sees right through lies and falsehoods, even if you doubted that gods could read minds and hearts. On the whole he seems perpetually bored and even disdaining of entire bodies of people, but he evaluates them on a case by case basis. He has a very long fuse for a god, as you might expect him to, since over time he’s dealt with so much slander to his name. I wouldn’t count on him cutting anyone any slack, though; I’ve seen him make examples out of people that upset him.  . . myself included.

Q: Do you have any rituals specific to your practice?

A: I bake Lucifer a honey cake and pour him wine on the days that I can afford it. In the summer time I take my hoop outside and dance for him regularly, as an offering of my time and energy for him. I’ve also taken up learning how to play the violin.

Q: Do you have any holidays that you have chosen to incorporate into your practice?

A: As part of my New Years’ resolution for the year 2015, I set a goal that I would attempt to structure my practice a little more in order to give him more of my undivided attention. Part of this was sorting out days that I consider sacred to him.  As of right now these days include:

*The Last Wednesday of April: The Feast of Blue

*Summer Solstice: June 21st-June 22nd “The Beginning of Darkness”

*August 1st-10th: The Feast of Roses/Croatoan

*October 31st: “The Devil’s Day” [Thought by many of a fundamentalist christian persuasion to be a day where the devil is at full play. This is also the day that supposedly a man named Jack tricked The Devil into giving him his soul back, hence ‘Jack O Lantern’. I celebrate this as both].

Q: Did you ‘sell your soul’ to the devil?

A: This gets complicated. I consider him the god with dibs on it, as I made formal oaths to follow him. But I didn’t ‘sell’ it to him in return for anything, and I rarely ask him for anything either. When I made the choice to follow him I also told him I would try to be as unobtrusive and non-needy as possible. That being said, I know people that have, and that’s exactly that; their choice, and one that should be respected.

Q: Are there any symbols you use to connect with him?

A: I use the common sigil attributed to him in ritual, when I need one:

but that’s more for a lack of finding anything else that resonates with me for the moment? In my experience, Lucifer doesn’t seem to get too hung up on symbols. He typically comes when you speak his name (out loud) with the intent to communicate with him anyway.

Q: What are some elements, signs, or omens you attribute to him?

A: As a quick answer, I’ll refer you to the magic and correspondences page, but a quick list: Snakes, especially white ones. Peacocks, roses, apples. Frost and cold, specifically ice. Distant stars. Lightning.

Q: What do you believe happens to you after death?

I’ve made a post about this here.

Q: Any advice for a beginner to a Theistic Luciferian path?

A: You betcha. First things first; don’t let anyone dictate to you the right or wrong way to practice… pretty much the only stipulation for being on this path is that there IS no right or wrong way to practice. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or breaking the law? Then no one has the right to tell you that you’re ‘doing it wrong’. Be respectful of other people, and in doing so, they will respect you in turn. Don’t insult people’s gods if you don’t want them to insult yours. Don’t get hung up on what’s ‘cool’ or on ‘how everyone else is doing it’. Because their way may not be right for you.

Avoid community drama. It’s everywhere. Use your common sense. If you feel like a situation is toxic or the people you’re becoming involved with wear you out or bully you? Leave. Try to avoid those situations to begin with. Stay away from the community ‘rag’ magazine boards-often times the people that run them are the afore mentioned bullies and trolls and the situations are rarely accurately represented or relayed. If you see problematic behavior, work on setting a positive example for others in your craft. In the end it’s harder to be kind to others than it is to be outright cruel to them. If you want to be practical about it;  as the saying goes; you can only be mean to someone once, and they’ll always remember it. Kindness will get your further, longer.

~About the Lore~

Q: What sources of Lore do you incorporate into your practice?

A: It’s hard to cite anything in particular; over the years so much of everything I’ve read has just kind of cobbled together. The big ones, though, are the prose: Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost”, Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”, along with personal experiences and dream imagery that all kind of come together  god under what was once my Catholic upbringing. So I really can’t point to one specific source.

Q: Why did Lucifer fall from heaven?

A: I have two different variations of the story that I toss back and forth on any given day; one, that god created man,  and having previously ordered the angels that they should not bow before anyone but him, asked Lucifer to break that order. Lucifer, loving God more than anything or anyone, refused to bow before mankind, in addition to having been ordered not to in the first place. In his anger over the act of rebellion, God had Michael cast Lucifer down from Heaven.

The other version that I sometimes go with is that after The First War in Heaven, after Samael, The Angel of Poison and his followers were cast down for attempting to seize the throne for themselves, Lucifer, in love and grief for those of his Brothers and Sisters lost in the war, decided to venture into places where God Was Not in order to understand those things which bring about things like jealousy, greed, rebellion, ect. However when he returned from his journey he was very angry and hurt, and marched to God’s throne  to demand answers regarding what he’d seen. Either god’s answer displeased him or else he did not speak at all. Lucifer left Heaven so swiftly he plunged through the Earth and into hell as a bolt of Lightning, where he became a ruler of those fallen angels who would later take a similar path.

Q: Was Lucifer restored/redeemed in Gods eyes?

A: In some versions of his myth, yes. I’m still attempting to sort my feelings out on this. Some say at his refusal to bow before man that after a long absence during which time Lucifer was confined weeping in Hell, that God chose to restore him as the ruler of our world, and thus leave it in Lucifer’s hands and withdraw himself to other parts of the cosmos. Since I don’t have a very favorable view of God, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this idea.

Q: Why do you reference Lucifer as a god?

A: See above.

Q: What do you feel Lucifer’s opinion on humanity is?

A: In my view/opinion/experience… . it’s not very favorable. He’ll consider each person on an individual basis, but just by merit of being human most people have a negative balance in their checkbook where he’s concerned, which is why I advocate caution in approaching him. I’ve heard him refer to humans as “monkeys” and the like lots of times, so I wouldn’t quite expect a warm reception  when you go to greet him.

Q: What was Lucifer’s role in the Garden of Eden?

A: At this point I can’t be sure if Lucifer played the serpent on order from God to test Adam and Eve (however you choose to interpret that myth) or else he did it after his fall to spite His God. Only he knows, honestly.


Q: What are some of the other entities from his pantheon that you work with? Do you find that there is a conflict between working with Lucifer and working with them?

A: That gets complicated. Other ‘fallen’ angels mostly, but then you start getting into different myths and gnosis of which of those angels is still ‘in the club’ as far as heaven’s concerned and which ones have been outed. That being said, I’ve studied angels and angel lore for a long time and I feel very deeply involved with them, so. I would have to consider this question more on an entity by entity basis.

Q: How do you feel about ‘God’?

A: I don’t have very nice opinions. It’s probably best you don’t ask me about this.

Q: What’s your take on Jesus?

A: I’m neutral. He’s not a messiah to me, but that aside, I think he had a lot of wisdom and a lot of good ideas. I have nothing against either historical or canonical Jesus. Mostly just what a lot of his followers do in his name.

~About the site~

Q: What is the purpose of this site? 

A: Mostly? It’s a place for me to collect and post things that inspire me along my path, and things I make to the same end. I also have it here to field questions from anyone who has them.

Q: Can I link to you? Will you link to me?

A: I’m more than happy to. Please send me an ask and I’ll check out your blog to make sure you’re a chill sort, and from there it’s no problem. I’m happy to help.

Q: Where can I find you off Tumblr/Wordpress?

A: You really can’t. I have a personal, which you can find under the link section, and I reserve skype for conversational purposes, but that’s about it.

~About Me~

Q: Who is Dany?

A: You’re welcome to check out the ‘about’ section, or view Dany’s personal blog.

Q: I’ve heard [A,B,C] rumors about you. How many of them are true? I’m worried I’m supporting someone who advocates negative or racist behavior.

A: None of them, I’m sure, in the context you’ve heard them. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter where you go, internet or not, there are always going to be people who don’t like you. Something you say or do invariably sets them off, and rather than handle it like mature adults, they devote the remainder of their free time to intentionally spread lies, gossip, and misinformation.  As far as it goes, I don’t hate anybody, nor do I promote hatred in return. I judge people on an individual basis based on how they act and how they treat other people. In a perfect world, people could just leave well enough alone when they don’t and walk away; but.  Tumblr has it’s share of toxic people in it’s community; it certainly doesn’t need me adding to the problem. I try my very best not to; but I’m only human of course, and I make mistakes just like everyone else does. On the whole when something problematic does come up, I’m happy to try to accommodate someone’s needs/triggers/ect if they request it of me in a mutually respectful manner; that’s my stipulation and all that I ask.