~Persimmon on a Tree~

Comforted by your oddness,
I want to care for you.
Your scars,
In you,
And pet you at bedtime.
Watching your eyes close, slow
A newborn child’s.




Throw yourself into

His desire.

I’m overflowing,

But this is not my home.

Not so cruelly,

He lifted up his voice and sang,

‘Weep you no more’,

Like naked,

Deadly wine.



Hair whipping in the spray that

Separates itself on the blackness.

Do you remember, oh do you remember,

Sharing and singing hymns unbidden?




~My Vision~

I want to break you

in humid fashion, 


leave you thundering

making eternity

Tremble beneath you



~Take This Crown of Thorns~

Because they cut you,

And you bleed red.

Because of the salt in your veins,

That I drink.

Because of the carbon,

In your footsteps.

Because of those roses

That you tend.

Because of those scratches,

you’ve endured.

I vowed that you were all nothing, 

nothing nothing nothing nothing, 

Because you did not burn or shine or glimmer

And you were stale and filthy like a latrine.

Funny how wounds will mend,

and leave their scars behind,

and make a thing

unexpectedly beautiful.



~Abduction of the Dragon~

Who would choose to live here?

Who would choose these alley ways and this cobblestone street,

Where the tremor of grey rain pools at my feet?

I threw myself before you,

With the wind and embers scortching my heels,

And screamed when our hands separated

and you were drawn up into the sky,

and I couldn’t reach you any more.




No no no,

Don’t turn away from me.

Is this the ghost that walks my halls,

When the clock strikes three am?

Shiver and bite down

On this grief deep within,

I know you can’t even hear

Me singing to you,

Singing to you,

Stay strong and carry on,

defy the rising dawn.



~Past Lives Present~

Precious angel, little girl, why are you so sad? 

What happened when the world fell on you, 

Could it really be so bad? 

Ah yes, I see it now, this phial filled with tears. 

That soaked through all your sheets and loss

And bruises through the years. 

What manner of nightmare is it that crushed your glow and joy?

Or did you endure past all of this death, 

To hopes to be destroyed. 

Alas my fingers cannot touch a tiny mortal’s bones, 

But in my heart you grow and bloom, 

Like a lover’s weary rose. 

Be and be and sing this tale, and with you I will walk. 

And when ash to ash is dust to dust, 

All the world shall do is talk. 

Of chimes and bells and night and song and how we went our way, 

And only a fiddle shall urge them on 

to breathe another day.








I shall plunge my claws deep inside you. 

And pull out your heart. 

and pour it on my tongue and then bite down. 

And you shall writhe and scream and 

call out mercy. 

But I shall 

swallow you whole. 

Your love.

Your pain. 

All of you. 

All of you. 

You see we have walked these halls of shattered mirrors

Holding hands. 

And now

They can not take our crown.

Or you 

from me




~Every Day~

Every Day, My friend-

Every day I die. Did he tell you that? 

Every day he makes me drink poison. 

And it is so cold it burns. 

It burns away what is left of me that is human. 

Never forget. 

He came calling to me. And I let him 

Put that barbed wire around my heart. 

And fed his appetite for ruin. 



~No Throne~

I know that you have doubts

About this name, 

About this fate, 

But I would have it no other way. 

Dip your fingers in,

and taste the sweet sin. 


Are never anything less

Than mine. 

Do not hold your breath

Just swallow deep and drink it down




Come in, come in.


It is

a bit drafty here. But our kind, you see, favors

the cold.

This . . .is

what we are.

I will pour you lavender, soaked in butter, in a crystal glass.

Do make yourself at home.

That? Only a trifle, nothing more.

Pleasure, of course, before we attend to business.

Please do away with the watch.

There shall be no ticking hands here.

Only forked tongues.

If you want to have one of your own,

Only whisper my name.

And tear your heart from your chest, and I will swallow it down.


You may sign for your own hissing grace

On the dotted line.

~Catch The Sky~

She said to that man in charge, “Don’t. Let me.

I will go after him. He will hear me. I can save him.”

The officer with his stripes and stars said, 

“He is stronger, and he will kill you.”

“You don’t know him like I do.” she insisted. 

He replied, “You don’t know him at all.”

Her eyes were accusing. As if to say to him, ‘you know this is a lie’. 

So she went. 

And found him destroying the world. Throwing it into a black hole, a void. 

She took his face in her hands and met his eyes. And cooed, “I love you. And you are too beautiful, my dear, for this desolation.”

And he looked at her with disbelieving eyes. 

And said, “They will hunt me.”

And she met the black of his, and said, “No, they won’t. Run, and hide. And I will take the blame.”

And he wept. 

And ran. 




Are we walking on a path of ashes? 

Where these flowers bloomed where blood was spilled, 

Some by sword, some by hands, 

Some by sharp tongues. 

It was never a point of fact, 

That the darkness rose up to swallow us all, 

We were barred from ever touching that place, 

But we dwell there all the same. 

Even when the sun still shines. 


Your humidity pooled 

at the small of my back. 

You smiled and spoke of ruin, 

While my eyes were 

coated in white-out 

And I was powdered with chalk dust. 

“Hush Hush,” you shusshed me. “I have your heart in my hands,

and I can crush you.”

Silence, silence, 

and then a scream for you

to break me open and 

drink my soul like a fine Merlot. 

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