A list of tags for you to reference when searching. Please note that this blog is in the process of going back through older posts and tracking/tagging accordingly. Thank you for your patience.

#admin ~posts relating to the blog activity, including hiatus announcements, construction, ect.

#mumbles and musings ~posts with no specific purpose or reflections on a given topic not yet expanded on.

#information  ~informational posts relating to Luciferianism

#other people’s altars ~altars from other Luciferians

#devotional art ~art work done for devotional purposes for Lucifer

#depictions ~Lucifer in modern and classical art

#quotes ~quotes with relevance to my practice or Lucifer/ianism in general

#questions-from readers past and current about Lucifer or a Luciferian practice

elements: science and theology ~posts containing information on theological or religious findings or things with application to science

#elements: air and sky~posts containing images of the sky or clouds

#elements:lightning ~posts containing images of lightning

#elements:stars ~posts containing images of stars

#elements:eden ~posts containing images of gardens reminiscent of Eden and Lucifer’s time there.

#elements:constrictors ~posts containing images of snakes, specifically constrictors

#elements:peacocks ~posts containing images of peacocks.

#elements: violin ~posts containing images of violins, or violin music

#Lucifer’s realms ~posts containing images or information about the 9th circles of hell: Judecca, Caina, Antenorra, and Ptolomea

#inspiration  ~ideas and inspiration for art work and journal posts

#graphics ~miscellaneous images, including banners, headers, gifs, or anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

#Lucifer in media ~various depictions of Lucifer in pop culture, including Supernatural and other Television Shows, movies, and books

#music ~music attributed to Lucifer or with a ‘Lucifer’ energy

#recipes ~ideas for devotional foods/offerings.

#cosmology: heaven and hell ~discussion or art work of the workings of Heaven, Hell, and anything in between

#personal gnosis ~my personal mythology, unverified through myth or based loosely around mythology

#shared personal gnosis ~gnosis personal to other practitioners, but with a common element for many

#gnosis tales ~personal gnosis told from a fictional perspective. Maybe go hand in hand with the #fiction tag.

#personal history ~my personal experiences on my path

#tales and prose ~as the same above, only in story format

#perspective and principles ~post that relate to Luciferian ideas, or that are relevant to the tenants of my practice

#my devotional poetry ~poetry written by me inspired by or dedicated to Lucifer, copyright me.

#dreams ~dreams I attribute to Lucifer or my path.

#humor ~Jokes, either private or other, including memes and other funny posts.

#godspousery ~articles and threads pertaining to godspousery.

#fiction ~day dreams and explorations of time spent with Lucifer in my own little world.

#angels in general ~general thoughts on angels and angelology

#demons in general ~discussion on demons and demonology

#angels: Gabriel

#angels: Raphael

#angels: Michael

#angels: Uriel

#general paganism ~posts with an application to the larger pagan community.

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