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We get thundersnow here a couple of times a year…

I feel so deprived. Pennsylvania is boring. Actually, it’s depressing. I get excited over seeing a single star above my bedroom window. I literally want to cry at a freaking star. Our air is so polluted around here. It’s one of the few things I miss about visiting Hungary. Stars scatter and bathe the sky like precious jewels. So the idea of Thundersnow? Oh yea. It amazes me. 

Aww don’t feel too sad. The “high” here the other day was -6? And uh.





This past week I’ve found myself rereading parts of Milton’s Paradise Lost on a whim, and today I happened to come across a very thought-provoking discussion regarding Satan’s characterization within this work. What struck me in particular was the deceptive nature of this figure that so many Luciferians tend to shy away from or deny—we defend him against the title of ‘Father of Lies’ and we instead place him on a pedestal as an illuminator of truth.

But what I’ve come to realize is that Light is capable of both revealing and concealing truths (in that it can illuminate but also blind), and I think Luciferianism itself portrays this extremely well. Too often we may fool ourselves into thinking that we couldn’t possibly be wrong about something because our faith is so deeply rooted in seeking enlightenment. It is nearly unfathomable that we might willingly blind ourselves to truth in our endeavors to better ourselves, but it happens so often and with such ease that we don’t even think about it.

Speaking from experience, it is very easy to fall into a state where you think you are putting so much effort into learning and growing within this belief system that you really believe your faith and practice are showing you something new but in reality it’s just a more ornate version of the same old thing.  I don’t say this to discourage people or to point fingers (like I said, I fell trap to this very mindset myself for a fairly long time), but as a reminder that we need to frequently take a step back and critically examine ourselves and the work we’re doing.

We tend to look to these luciferian figures we admire so highly and try to rebuild ourselves in their image while forgetting that we were first drawn to them because they appealed to our own values. We have projected our own ideals onto them and now seek to emulate and develop them within ourselves—these lightbearer figures represent everything we want for ourselves because we have made them in our romanticized image. This is NOT necessarily a bad thing, particularly if we recognize that this is what we are doing and are thus knowingly giving these symbols a human voice—our voice. When we uphold humanity as having its own sort of divinity, and we acknowledge mankind as being capable of initiating enlightenment and growth within ourselves and creating our own gods within ourselves, this methodology is brilliant.

But with Lucifer figures who not only act as Lightbearers but Seducers as well, it is incredibly important that we recognize when they are merely holding up mirrors so that we may see our own reflections. They are meant to tempt us by appealing to what we think we already understand and accept, the challenge lies behind that mirror. This is where all those difficult questions come into play, where we must shatter those comfortable ideas and perceptions we have held onto so tightly and rebuild anew so that we see through windows instead of mirrors.  

I think that’s what I love most about that depiction; I don’t so much follow Lucifer in his Lightbearer aspect so much as I do a pinpoint of in the distance, like a star. Only faint, but darkness surrounds the rest of it.

And I think that’s important; knowing and understanding evil, ignorance, indifference, greed, sloth, vanity… it’s all a part of knowledge; the apple we have to bite. In coming to understand those things, we’re better informed for our decisions in the future; in our daily lives, and on our spiritual paths also. I have this idea that Lucifer shows us evil AND good so that we DO have that ability to make informed choices.

At risk of getting myself into trouble here; its easy to follow any faith or path that advocates attending services or worship every so often but doesn’t hold people personally accountable for the way they treat other human beings. Blissful ignorance keeps you from having a burdened conscience, sure. You might even be happier for it. But if all it takes is an ‘I’m sorry’ and a few disingenous words or prayers to make everything better, just how much closer to that enlightenment are we really?

Of course, this begs the definition of the word ‘enlightenment’. Also what sort of afterlife people aspire to in the first place.

At any rate, once again, well spoken Lux.



It seems to me that indifference or even cruelty is easier for a lot of people. Caring and compassion takes work. Being a gigantic bag of dicks isn’t hard at all.

I think that’s part of it too. It’s a lot of work and it’s not exactly rewarding to be a good person. Like, not to bring up Supernatural, but look at Sam and Dean who constantly go out of their way to help people and have been met with very little in return.

Sometimes its defensive on the part of the person, I think, but at other times it’s definitely a purposeful attempt to keep people at a distance. Or to elevate their own self-worth at the expense of someone else.

Either way, it’s shit.

Gurl, you said it.



it’s so ridiculous that people mock others for what they enjoy like how sad does your life have to be that you take joy out of someone else’s life

I mean, it’s one thing if it’s lighthearted sass. My brother makes fun of my interests all the time. But like, the older I get, now I’m finally starting to realize that some people do just want other people to be as miserable as they are. Or have somewhere gotten sarcasm confused with being a mean-spirited sack of shit.

It seems to me that indifference or even cruelty is easier for a lot of people. Caring and compassion takes work. Being a gigantic bag of dicks isn’t hard at all.

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