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Many people talk about Satan and Lucifer like the same entity,
personally I think not, in my case also see the luciferianism so
philosophical a way to achieve some wisdom. Belief in any gods is very difficult to me, to worship and all that
does not resonate in my mind, well believe in the existence of Lucifer
like master not god.
I think anyone save us life more than ourselves and that is where
lucifer delivers these tools to do, for example. But on the way I get
confused a bit
my questions are 3
What is your definition of luciferianism, how  do you experience it in your life?
Which is the energy that is felt in the presence of lucifer?
What is your vision of satan?

Hello there, ‘Winds’ Nonny; and thanks for your questions! By the nature of your post I’m guessing English isn’t your first language; so I’ll answer as best I can, and if I get anything wrong or I misunderstood you? Please feel free to clarify!

As far as my definition of Luciferianism goes; I think that just about anyone who chooses to follow ‘Lucifer’ as a figure of instruction, enlightenment, and personal growth can call themselves ‘Luciferian’, regardless of if they do it Theistically, Atheistically, or no. Even if they’re only inspired by the figure and the myth, in whatever capacity they choose to be. If they want to call themselves a Luciferian, more power to them.

As far as Luciferianism and satan(ism) goes; that in an of itself depends on the person. ‘Satan’ at it’s original root usage was the title of an office or duty; it meant adversary or accuser and was a job held by a specific angel, or several. If you’re using the word satan in this way, than it’s absolutely possible, depending on a person’s interpretation of his myth, TO be a satan. That is an individual choice made on the part of the practitioner/devotee themselves whether or not to consider Lucifer an adversary and *a* satan. If a Luciferian chooses to do so, than they may also consider themselves a satanist. It’s all individual choice.

That being said, in my own practice, I don’t believe in a the Satan, capital S. I do believe in a being that most people would consider to be The Devil; but this is not Lucifer in my cosmology, and is a being that is entirely separate from Lucifer hirself. Lucifer is not “The Devil” in my personal mythology. In addition to this, Lucifer is not the only satan; as I’m a theist, I believe in a minimum of at least 13 “adversaries”, and there may be as many as 24 or 33 by my count … I’m still trying to work that out, so I couldn’t give you a  definitive list of who’s who as of yet. 

With regards to how Luciferianism affects my  life … that’s actually a really good question. The most obvious answer is that it tends to give me what I would presume is a kind of unique outlook on things. Every idea that has the potential to affect my worldview is something that can’t just be taken in because it sounds good. It has to be weighed, measured, tested. Evaluated on how it would impact my personal and spiritual development; would it help me along on my quest for transcendence? Or is it more likely to inhibit me on the path of enlightenment? That’s the biggest thing I can think of. In a lesser scale. much of my art and writing is influenced not only by Lucifer himself, but the myth surrounding him and my own relationship with him. Everything from my paintings to my poetry and prose… Lucifer and his myth(s) are a continual wellspring of inspiration to me. That’s how I connect with him-my art work and my spirituality are intrinsically linked. without either or, I wouldn’t be who I am. They’re that important to my state of being and my personhood.  In that way, you’re right; Lucifer is a source of illumination, but his is a distant light. He’ll shed enough to help you find your way, but he won’t shove you along. As far as the path goes, he dangles enough of a carrot in front of you to get you started, but after that, don’t expect much in the way of help. You’re on your own; he’ll only intervene if you really can’t get yourself out of a mess and then only if you specifically ask him for help.

Lucifer’s energy? To me is a mixture of several things. The best way I can think of to describe it is this; on a chilly fall night; when you walk outside and the air is crisp and cold; there’s the smell of something burning, something slightly ominous or eerie in the air. So you walk along and you look up and you see the stars, and the clear sky, and even with them so far away, you feel both a mixture of serenity and that frightening sort of silence that can only come from when something is about to jump out of the shadows and devour you. He’s possibility, but in a frightening way. He’s cold and looming and at the same time clear, sharp, and beautiful. Typically you’ll know when he’s around because you start seeing roses, peacocks, or apple symbolism everywhere. You might also hear someone mention his name or reference “Morning Star” out of the blue, too.

As for what he looks like? That gets harder. I’ve seen him wear nearly a dozen faces over the years, when he even bothers to anyway. Sometimes in my dreams he’s just a vague figure outlined in gleaming white and pulsing like a star just in front of you; to the point of blindness. I’ve seen him several times as a bolt of lightning, too. When he does take on a humanoid appearance, it’s usually as a very tall man with sharp features, and most of the time his hair is white. His eyes are always either really really cold green or a really really vivid peacock blue. When he shows up in this manner he’s usually wearing robes and silk, or else his hair may be shorter and he’s dressed in a very slim-fit suit. He usually wears gloves-he doesn’t seem to care much for humans on the whole so any time I’ve ever seen him make to touch someone, even in dreams, he always has his gloves on. 

Good grief … did I answer all of it? PHEW! There was a lot of stuff here to cover. If you have more questions or I left anything out, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you again for the questions!

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