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So here is obviously a subject that I’ve been dancing around for a long, long time.

Any  time you start talking who’s the ‘good guy’ vs. whose the ‘bad guy’ in any kind of spiritual capacity, you risk offending someone. Which is actually fine for me, because I offend people all the time; but the general gist of what I’m getting at, before I get into the actual subject of this post is, I have my own cosmology under which I operate; and as per the standard disclaimer, I don’t expect it to really hold any water with anyone other than myself. Bonus points if it works for someone else, too; great. Whatever feels true to you? Run with it. But this is my take on the being bearing the name, and his relationship to Lucifer in whatever limited fashion I may or may not understand it.

But first a little personal background on the situation. If you’re ready for some steep reading, lets carry on, shall we?

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