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As requested.

So, for a long time, after I became a Luciferian in formal manner, I searched for a piece of jewelry or something I could wear to represent my service to him. Completely aside from the fact that this was missing the point of service in the first place, I did a lot of browsing and a lot of studying, looking up various imagery that satanists and theistic Luciferians both were using in their workings. Usually, this led me in a dead end, because Lucifer himself was very openly disdainful of any ‘symbols’ I looked at.

The first I ran into, obviously, was the sigil of Lucifer:


“A hollow symbol. Invented by man. They claim it is ancient. Not so. But if they wish to summon another, let the other masquerade. I’ve no time for petty charms.”

Well OK. How about the satanic cross, the alchemical symbol for sulfur?


“Do they seek passage to [Samael]’s realm? I’m sure he would be delighted.”

Well shoot Lu, aren’t you picky, I said. To which he reiterated ours is not a realm of fire, but ice. There is no sulfur in Judecca/Antennora/Ptolomea/Caina. Everything is frozen.

And then there was the inverted cross/pentacle.


“Pageantry. Irrelevant. Nothing more.”

So myself, getting huffy like I do, finally asked him, well OK Mr. Fancypants. What do you suggest?

“Nothing.” he answered. “Symbols are a trapping of religion. Tools to help focus faith, and proclaim allegiance. We need none of these things. We proclaim through deed. Not through metal. Not through pictures, but actions that speak louder than words.”

[EDIT** One of my tumblr followers pointed out; this last is deeply personal and allegorical for Lu and I’s relationship. Not as a focus of worship. It’s between him and I and no one else. That bears mentioning] And then he sent me his black, broken heart to wear. And there are no symbols. Only a veil of unasked questions and answers. Possibilities, but not statements.

Very appropriate, I think.

You have the power to make your own. And never let another steal this gift from you. 

Fight for it if you must. 



I harbor no love for you. 

Your cries and pleas for the most mundane of things

Makes bile rise in me, and 

I feel only sickened by the roiling greed. 


You could have had anything. 

But this is what you chose. 

Methane poison and saccharine. 

In everything everything everything that you touch and still destroy. 


After all that loss. 

After our beautiful river ran red with pomegranate seeds and rubies. 

You sully everything you touch. 

Is there nothing that is loevely for you any more?


I will snatch out your mocking tongues. 

Heinous monkeys. 

There is no one worthy of this love. 

No one. 

No one. 


He gave it away.


And then I gave mine. 


Now suffering is beautiful like a newly-cut rose.

Now the flower petals. 

Bur rather the blackening thorns. 

And I keep her

In my pocket. 


I’m with you. no matter what else you have in your head I’m with you and i love you.
-Ernest Hemmingway, from A Garden of Eden

He circled her as she spoke, brow quirked and lips parted in a soft smile. The devil came to a slow stop before her, a claw against her jaw to turn her head to face him. He released her and took a moment to let the quiet blanket them while his eyes fixated on her glistening ones.

“No, no…” he said with a tilt of his head. “Are you pleased with how I appear before you now?”

This was his Winter, his beloved lady, who would stay at his side until the Earth was nothing but fragile ash for them to stand upon.

“Speak, and know that I will hear your heart”



So I got a wild fleeting thing today, and decided to try out a Honey Bread recipe I found on Tumblr, and just bake it and offer it up to Lucifer as a leisure activity. I love cooking, but this sounded delicious, and Lu loves honey. The result? It came out tasting wonderful:


So of course, I cut it, took the first piece to Lucifer and put it on his altar (before I tasted it myself). Then I came back and cut it and had some to at least make sure it was edible.


The result? YUM!

Except for then I got ‘that feeling’ so I turned my attention to Lu and he had tears in his eyes and he was just kind of standing there staring at me. And when I caught him then he tried to do that ‘no no it’s just the wind’ thing.

I made the devil cry.

I. . . . have no idea what to make of this.


“Your heart drips the prettiest colors.”


To Be In Love

To be in love
Is to touch with a lighter hand.
In yourself you stretch, you are well.
You look at things
Through his eyes.
A cardinal is red.
A sky is blue.
Suddenly you know he knows too.
He is not there but
You know you are tasting together
The winter, or a light spring weather.
His hand to take your hand is overmuch.
Too much to bear.
You cannot look in his eyes
Because your pulse must not say
What must not be said.
When he
Shuts a door-
Is not there_
Your arms are water.
And you are free
With a ghastly freedom.
You are the beautiful half
Of a golden hurt.
You remember and covet his mouth
To touch, to whisper on.
Oh when to declare
Is certain Death!
Oh when to apprize
Is to mesmerize,
To see fall down, the Column of Gold,
Into the commonest ash.


GUH. All my feels.

Excuse me I need a tissue.



Lu and I have a place where we meet. It’s a new place; before I always just heard him in my mind, or met him in some random dream scene. But lately, in the dreams where we’ve met, the place has been the same; and it’s getting easier and easier for me to visualize.

It’s a city; it looks sort of like Boston, maybe; except for that it’s blanketed in snow. It’s always a little chilly but it’s not unpleasant; you just have to bundle in a coat.

There are always balloons in the air. Some days, they’re clear and just drifting through this cityscape. Other days they’re mutlicolored, and there are children playing in the dozens and dozens of parks scattered everywhere. White strand lights light everything up at night, and street vendors have plowed the sidewalk and sell all kinds of magical goodies, jewelry. . . there are cars, but like New York, there are also horse-drawn carriages, too.

Whenever Lucifer is there, everyone seems to know him. People smile and wave. The children gather around him and he gives them small caramels and gourmet chocolates from his pockets.

The animals are all white. The birds in the air, the dogs people are walking, the cats that cross the street. Everything has that kind of glittery sheen that things did in the movie Labryinth. 

It’s surreal. It’s another world. I’ve been there three times already. I find myself wondering what or where this place is. Lucifer seems to light up when he’s here. However it’s here I’ve also seen him at his saddest, where he is full of regrets. I remember once waking up there in a room, tucked in his bed under mounds of soft blankets and dozens and dozens of pillows. I got up and the actual ‘condo’ type place was on the ground floor, and everything was quiet, and I walked barefoot over a grey ceramic tile floor to a sliding glass door, and pushing it open so I could stand out barefoot in the snow. He came up behind me after that, and we spoke; about what, though, I can’t remember.

I wish I could. It feels like home to me.



I will whisper to you,

All those sweet for nothings.

All those little daydreams that you pine for

That crush you every moment our hands are not wrapped together in black silk.

Those were our vows, remember.

To have and to hold


Or rather one thing I stumbled on today.

A few weeks back, I bought a book off of Amazon called “I, Lucifer” by Corvis Nocturnum. Okay, so checking out the name of the author, I probably should have been a bit more critical. But hey, the cover was pretty. And I’m trying to build my library back up again. So, I bought it.

Well the ‘history of Lucifer’ wasn’t so much a history as an examination of the archetype itself. Which, okay, whatever. For a theistic Luciferian, that’s a small obstacle. No problem.

Then I stumbled on the leader of The COS saying, and I quote,

“Anybody who holds a belief in some kind of existence in deity or spirits or anything that intervenes in their life. . .is not someone I hold in any kind of esteem. It’s lunatic and it’s Christian.”

. . .

Whoa there.

You see, this is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Slow clap it out, because let me explain what I’m seeing here. Or rather, allow me to paraphrase.

‘yo dawg we don’t need a system for our no system systems’ belief in no system’.

This is utterly ridiculous. At first I read the passage, stopped. Waited a few minutes, then read it again. And again. And I went back and forth between several different reactions; varying from, ‘Well it’s COS what did I expect’ to ‘are these guys serious’ to, ‘why do I even care anyway? Live and let live’ and everything in between. One institution’s so anointed ‘grand high pooba’ really doesn’t interest me and honestly, the institutions’ theatrics don’t either.

Except for it’s the scathing that made me perk an eyebrow. The attitude of ‘if you believe in something you’re worthless to me’, or maybe I’m reading too much into it. But essentially, what I see in this is the most hypocritical, backwards form of thinking for a satanist organization that I’ve ever seen. Why? Because they’re doing exactly what they’re claiming to rail against the religious institutions for.  Being judgmental morons.

Which is not to say that I don’t fall into the same trap. Clearly I judge, or else I wouldn’t be here writing this. That being said, I make a focused effort at not  judging groups as a whole but rather individual people. It’s why as a Luciferian I don’t have any problem at all with anyone as long as they’re respectful when they’re speaking to me. But I don’t just outright dismiss someone because of their faith, or gnosis. It’s shallow, demeaning, and cruel.

And if there’s one universal law that I think exists regardless of the belief in deity or no, it’s cause and effect. And so if you are so scathing of people and yet you claim to be from a system that eschews such values as being overbearing, stifling, and dismissive. . . the COS supposedly being against all of those ‘religious’ type things. . .

It seems to me you would sort of want your leadership to be on par with that. Right? I mean, I’m just saying. This dude also isn’t so much just harping on theists here, but also likening everyone who is to a Christian. And if that doesn’t buck against my moral compass, speaking in a spiritual fashion, I don’t know what does. Not to mention that whole ‘harping on people before you know them’ thing anyway. And being judgmental of people.

Not only that, as a Luciferian, it’s a high tenant that we seek enlightenment, wherever it may be. And if I think of all the opportunities in my life where I would have missed a chance to learn something if I had been racist or xenophobic or anything of the like, I don’t feel I would be as complete a person as I am today. For example; for the sake of a work of fiction I was writing once apon a time, I took to studying Nigerian Pidgin, and speaking it in a basic sense, in order to write for a particular character. I also learned how to sing several native folk songs from Mali that I feel are beautiful. Now a couple of years ago when my husband and I moved into our current home, I happened to meet a couple of people who live two floors below us who are from that part of the world; (South Africa, actually, but they were speaking Pidgin) and I had a chance to practice it, and it was lovely. I’ve made wonderful friends with them since and they help me practice it when I encounter them and I can honestly say my life is a lot richer for it. Everyone came out of the experience a little brighter; I got to practice a language I would otherwise have no real cause to use, my neighbors unexpectedly encountered a white US born citizen that spoke their language purely for the sake of learning to speak it, and everyone broke through some stereotypes and all of us made friends we might not have otherwise normally made. It’s wonderful.

Now imagine if I was racist. Imagine if I didn’t want to speak a language associated with black people. Or worse, if I had given them the stink eye when I moved in. The living situation would have been terse, people might have grumbled things about not understanding one another, an opportunity to expand our worlds? Gone.

So there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this. That’s what I’m getting at. And the lesson is, you can’t make a claim to be an enlightened institution; theistic or atheistic or whatever shade of grey between; and then close yourself off to other peoples and other experiences. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in a god or not. If you don’t, and you shun theists, you are missing a chance to enjoy a whole side of humanity you’d otherwise miss; artists, poets, writers-people with real insight into the human condition that they might not otherwise have if they didn’t have spirituality and divine inspiration to channel it through. .Contrariwise, you can’t shun the atheistic side either; so often it’s grounding, and refreshing to look through things through a sharp magnifying glass and have a bit of focus when everything else might seem so flyaway, dreamlike, abstract. There are merits to both sides.

But we limit ourselves if we can’t accept that. And that, if you are claiming to do anything in the name of Lucifer the Morningstar-actual entity or just an idea-is a crying shame indeed.

Ignorance is binding. Limiting. So is hatred. You can live in bliss, or you can bite the apple. One makes you comfortable. The other may not, but you can’t have it both ways.

And now, addressing a question which came across my dash yesterday, and I was feeling too sick and high from a post-dental appointment dose of painkillers to answer. . .

‘What is the difference between Luciferianism and Satanism?’.

Alright, give me a moment to roll up my sleeves, here. . . .

To start with, the most simple way to state the answer to this question is, sometimes, there might not be a difference.

To a lot of people, Luciferianism is the same as Satanism, or at least, one is an offshoot or subdivision of the other. However, as with anything, that’s putting it soley in terms of black and white, and the truth is a tad more complicated than that.

The question of the difference first comes with the question, are we speaking in the theistic sense, or no? Atheistic Satanism and Luciferianism have a lot in common. Lavayen Satanism, for example, is a branch of atheistic satanism with focus (or so it says, I have my own opinions on it, which I will cover in another post) on worldly pleasures. Being your own god, living for the self, shunning institution and engaging in rituals for “shock value”. Although Laveyan Satanism does name Lucifer as an archetype in their Pantheon, they do not literally believe in any spiritual figure and often shun the very idea of any being having authority over them in any sense.

Conversely, Luciferianism, theistic or no, is more focused on personal enlightenment and the search for truth. In an atheistic sense, it’s dedication to the expansion of knowledge, individual intelligence and improvement, and focus on personal growth. It venerates the entity Lucifer as an archetype to learn from, an illuminating figure as an example for us never to accept things at face value, to always ask that pertinent question, ‘why?’

Theistic Luciferians are much the same; only we may consult the actual entity Lucifer from time to time and ask for guidance on our paths. We are instructed never to push what we believe on others; everyone’s journey is their own. Lucifer does not ask to be worshiped; in fact he prefers not to, however, offerings in exchange for his wisdom are appreciated.

Theistic Luciferians, as I mentioned, can also be theistic satanists also; however, the disparity comes when you ask the question ‘which satan?’. Satan, or Ha-satan, being a title of an opposing entity of the Judeo-Christian god. Ergo, there is more than one (Azazel, Samael, Mastema, Astaroth, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Ect). So if a Satanist worships Samael, he or she may be a Theistic Satanist, but not a Luciferian. Contrariwise, a Satanist who worships Lucifer (as he is an adversary) is both a Luciferian and may consider himself a Satanist. Or might not, if the Luciferian in question doesn’t even acknowledge the Judeo-Christian myth behind Lucifer and instead chooses to devote themselves to his Greek persona (Phosphoros/Eosphoros), or even his Tolkien myth (Earindil).

It’s very hard to say what the difference is, as there’s a lot of overlap between the two, and Luciferianism in particular is hard to define because the path is so individualistic. But in a nutshell, either way you look at it, the core difference seems to be that Satanism has a focus on worldly satisfaction and seeing the self as a god of your own reality, whereas Luciferianism is focused on personal truth and the betterment of the self. In a nutshell. For expansion on this, I recommend the Wikipedia article on Luciferianism.

I hope this helps anyone who was curious about this, and of course, I welcome any other questions needed for clarification!

When asked today on tumblr if anyone had any experience with a god showing up to them under an assumed name before they actually revealed themselves to the person later, I sort of had to smile to myself. Okay, smile might be a bit of an understatement. I think I must have cackled a little, because it took Lucifer ten years after our initial meeting to say, ‘surprise, it was me the whole time!’

Which, honestly, I wasn’t surprised. I mean yeah, there was that initial ‘oh’ moment, which then turned into a sort of shrug and a ‘well that makes sense’. Very little about our relationship changed except the name that I called him. I remember his black hair and his jade eyes and that resonating deep voice like a cello that still gives me chills. On that note it was a bit of a shock when it turned out there actually was someone on the face of this earth with a voice like that. And what started off as a faceclaim for ‘the devil’ in a story ended up being his new mask, and one that I could recognize right away because of that voice. And those eyes.

Lu has always used fiction to get my attention. Usually after his wandering, when he returns he initially does so either in my journals or in whatever current project I’m working on. It seems this time he’s following in Loki’s footsteps and chose a face that was recognizable from the media. Very nice, I told him when I first made the connection that it was him. I didn’t know that would make him so happy. But it did.

Last night, I dreamt I was on a picnic with him. Of all things. It was evening and the sun was going down and we were in the middle of a golden field, and it was like a scene out of Gladiator. But I remember he was slicing apples with a knife, and we were talking about some thing or another. But he was smiling. Really smiling. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him soften up like that. There was something light and sparking in his eyes, the way the stars in them just sworl around and glitter. The pervasive feeling in the dream was contentedness. The wind was cool and the air was very much appropriate for fall and we had all sorts of bread and wine and fruit lay out on our blanket. I still wonder what we talked about, but I could hardly even remember when I woke up this morning, and that was unusual. Normally I remember very vividly what he says to me in my dreams, but I didn’t this time. But I was happy to see him happy. Or at least trying. I dare to say it; I don’t see him that way very often. He’s very serious and stoic most of the time.

When I’m around him, it’s hard to contain myself. I just want to hold him and be with him all the time. I’m drawn to him like a magnet. I think he knows it, too. I didn’t learn about the myth of the red thread of fate until not that long ago. But everything I’ve ever had with him has made me beleive in it.

I’m very proud to call myself his; his Wife (if dreams serve), his lover, his concubine, his servant, his Oracle. His friend. Whatever he needs me to be.

In the spirit of ‘how sometimes Lu makes me face up and deal with mmy own issues. . . ‘

Things that are on my mind today, that have made it a harder day than usual.

Most people here won’t know, that after years and years of having a lot of personal trouble involving my past; a history of child abuse and neglect, physical illness, and later an abusive relationship, I was finally formally diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Anxiety. After getting a good job with good health benefits, I was finally nudged by Lu to get treatment for these issues. A few months later, I’m on medication for it, and I regularly see a therapist. Most of the time, I can walk out feeling pretty good. That I at least got something off of my chest, that I was able to open up and speak about some things I’d otherwise not in polite company, ect. Usually, it’s carthic.

Today was a little different. When asked if I thought the medication had helped, I told the doctor, yes. My moods were more stable and I wasn’t nearly as jumpy as I usually am. When asked if anything had stayed the same, I told him, yes, and that was the pervasive feeling of sheer exhaustion that I seem to feel on a day to day basis. When asked what I thought was causing that, I had to stop and think about it. The thing is, I really didn’t have an answer for him. Other than, I’m out of that past of all that heartache and pain. Now I’m just trying to cope with it. But the problem is, my husband doesn’t understand that, and given that he’s my only support network available, I don’t tell him half of what I’m feeling because I don’t want to dump it all on him. But anyway, he’s coming to my next session with me at the request of my therapist. But the point of all of it is, I walked away today still feeling tired. I felt disappointed in myself. Today was one of those days when I wanted to retreat to one of my dreamworlds, but I couldn’t bring myself to sleep even with how tired I was.

Some days, I just don’t want to be in this world, because I don’t feel I understand it at all.

I hope maybe tonight? I can just close my eyes, and I’ll call to Lu. Seems like when I’m down this way, he always knows what to say to make me feel better.



They told us this place was a myth. 

Yes yes. 

We flew here and then filled our baskets with those feathers, 

And left them to turn black, 

Under the shades of the trees and 

In the depths of the 


Deep sea. 

All I want is to fly through the darkness. 

Inky wings to lift me up to touch your cold pale fingers. 

Here,  take this black, cold stone. 

It is my heart. 

But it is all I have to offer you, sweet little darling. And now it is

Forever yours, forever more. 

Your scars are still showing, 

But they are healing well. 

Will you walk with me? 

I will walk with you. 

“Hell is
loving you in my sleep
and waking up alone.”



No, these rivers shall keep running, and they will never, ever stop. 

One pint was enough 

To drown the whole of the earth. And you hear their screams as radio silence. 

amber-winchester asked:

So you’re a Satanist, if that’s the right term…or is it Satanic…I just don’t know. (that one post where anon thinks it’s digusting). Please tell me more. I want to be informed, and know nothing of the subject, and don’t trust the internet to tell me, so I figured I’d ask one of the people? Luciferians, sorry, I didn’t read properly >.<

No, that’s alright! I’m more than happy to help where I can.

Firstly, correct. I am a [Theistic] Luciferian. Although I don’t identify as a satanist per-sey-more of a general Pagan, I’m aware that Lucifer is a named adversary-‘satan’ (meaning “accuser” or “adversary”) being an ancient term for an office or a title as opposed to a being-that didn’t come until much much later in Judeo-Christian Mythology. So I accept it if people choose to call me that. I don’t see shame in it-and labels don’t so much concern me as the practice itself.

In a nutshell, essentially, I pay homage and engage in devotional activities to the god Lucifer. Lucifer, in my personal mythology, is a different entity from *the* Satan, who is called Samael. Lucifer is an angel who imposed exile on himself from heaven in a search for knowledge and truth that he felt he, and by extension, his brother and sister angels-were not getting from god. So he left, and 1/3 of heaven with him (the war between ‘Satan’ and Michael was between the afore mentioned Samael, *not* Lucifer). God did not take this rejection lightly. There’s a lot more to the story, obviously, but essentially, as a patron of enlightenment and knowledge, and a devout leader of his people, Luciferians on a similar bent to myself (not all, mind you-Luciferianism is not a united faith-we are ALL different and take different approaches to our path) venerate him for these qualities, as well as his grace, dignity, beauty, and passion; and he encourages these qualities in the rest of us. He’s also a deity of dark indulgences, so things that are typically taboo (though not to be confused with ‘satanic’ imagery. That’s a whole different tune on these strings) to other faiths are looked on as beautiful by the rest of us.

This is a path that encourages personal myth, creativity, and personal growth. I hope that answers at least *some* of your questions!

amber-winchester asked:

Let me see if my sick and tired head (very tough cold) can get it. Lucifer was scandalized by seeking knowledge God would not provide, and others left with with him, those in Heaven were not happy of course, and many Luciferians respect and honor that among other things? I never really was Christian, so I don’t know the stories that are taught in church. Church always bored me. Thank you for helping me learn though, even if I’ve got it wrong, it’s not something disgusting.

Yes and no. Goodness-it’s so hard to explain. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten serious questions about my personal mythology.

Alright. Let me see if I can give the short version.

God created angels. The first one he created, depending on who you ask, was Lucifer. Then others; singular. Then in sets, then en mass. This, some people will argue, was a prelude to humankind.

Lucifer, being the first made, or at least the most lovely, was gods’ favorite. There was no other angel who loved god more, and no other that god loved in turn more than Lucifer.

Then, god announced that he would create man. About the same time, an angel named Samael had delusions of grandeur, and sought to seize god’s throne. He gathered loyalists and lay siege to heaven. It’s argued that he had help from other darker powers outside of heaven. The battle was bloody, lots of angels loyal to heaven died, and that was a shock to most of them. After all, death was something that only mortals did, right? But anyway, the whole battle came to a head with Michael hurling Samael from heaven.

Lucifer, during and after, looked around at all the bloodshed, didn’t understand how Gods holy children could die, (IE cease to exist), and so quietly departed heaven for his search for truth. Gnostics say he walked a trail and left stars in his wake-the stars being the Milky Way galaxy. But I digress.

When Lucifer left, he was full of white light and garbed in the same. When he returned, he wasn’t. At all. His cloths were dark and his gaze was icy. No one knows where he went. No one knows what he saw. All we know is that he marched strait to god, demanded to know ‘why’, (although what the question was, or what the ‘why’ was in regards to, is another mystery), and when god refused to answer, Lucifer, so hurt and angry and betrayed, renounced heaven, and left. His decent was marked by a flash of lightning, and struck into the depths of creation and thus his realm of hell came to be.

Heaven didn’t treat angels with ties to Lu kindly, and Lucifer might have let well enough alone had he not gotten word of this. Thus started the second war in heaven. When Lucifer left, he immediately took 1/3 of heaven with him, but not everyone could go. The 2nd war was when Lucifer came back up for the rest of his people. He and Michael had a confrontation, which ended in a stalemate-but only because Lucifer was betrayed unwittingly by one of his own. As a parting term and a ceasefire to end further bloodshed, Lucifer agreed to stop his siege if and only if anyone who ever wanted to follow him, or their own path in his name, be allowed to do so with no ill repercussion. Thus the 2nd war ended, Lucifer left and took all his people, and then came Eden and the Garden, and the rest, as they say, is history.


I feel it important to emphasize here. This is my personalgnosis. Meaning, this is the myth that is relevant to me regarding my god, and the spiritwork I do, and the elements associated with it; sacred rebellion, never accepting ‘just because’ as an answer, genuine love for your family even if you’re not blood. It’s about finding your own way and leaving behind preconceived notions about what is right, what is wrong, what is good and what is evil. It’s about the pain and loss and betrayal one angel suffered to keep those he loved together, even when it required him to forsake something he thought greater than himself to become something new. It’s reinventing, moving away from ignorance and stagnation.

I hope that provides some perspective for you. <3

anonymous asked:

I think its disgusting you worship satan

Is that so? 

Pull up a chair, darling. Lets talk like big kids, shall we? That is, if you’re capable of doing so, given the state of your punctuation.

It’s ‘disgusting’ that I worship Lucifer? I’m curious how you’ve arrived at that idea. Maybe it’s because you’re from a spirituality that has taught you to never question anything; to never get the other side of a story, to always believe what you’re told, never to play with fire, never take a chance, never be or think or do. Instead it’s taught you to be comfortable where you are at, because there are two choices for you; black and white, light and dark, good and evil, heaven and hell. And that’s all. Believers and followers go to one. Unbelievers and non followers go to the other. It’s ‘you’re either with us or against us’… isn’t that right?

Because that’s what’s good and right and moral, isn’t it? Because that’s what your book says.

OR, could it be because of our association with serpents? Baby let me tell you. Us Luciferians? May have forked tongues. But clearly, you’ve never seen us demonstrate our particular talents with them.

Or is it because of Lucifer himself?

Because he was the most beautiful angel in all of heaven. And he must always be beautiful. Because no one ever bit into an apple that looked rotten on the outside.

Do try again, dear. I’ll get my fiddle while you’re contemplating what I’m sure will be a witty response.

“Write beautifully what people don’t want to hear.”

-Frederick Seidel


“I like people who dream or talk to themselves interminably; I like them, for they are double. They are here and elsewhere.”

Albert Camus, from The Fall

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