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The ‘mature’ thing was in reference to questions I’ve been getting and had nothing to do with any conversation anyone else was having. I have no idea what was going on with Lavender or Wanderer and frankly I don’t care.


Archetype Inspirations – The Poet

Brutality runs in their veins and they write of a love that’s long forgotten, of lives never lived and they make war with blood on their fingers, make love with vine on their lips. 


Also it actually does [sometimes] merit discussing a god’s ethnicity; whitewashing is a real problem; not just in the pagan community, but even in Christiandom. How many times have we heard the argument that Jesus wasn’t white?

When you whitewash gods and remove them from their native associations, you’re excising your own privilege in doing so. It’s disrespectful even in open cultures, and obviously if you’re pulling from closed ones, which is a no no anyway, it’s just that much worse. That’s why it’s important to discuss these types of things.

Case in point. If someone was worshipping Yemajya outside of the proper cultural context/tradition; without ordination AND whitewashing that particular entity? I’d be seriously concerned for their well being. Seriously.

( # that may be a horrible example but I hope I’m at least getting my point across)

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