As much as I hate to have to do this, unfortunately, the time has come for me to bid a fond goodbye to this blog.

I’ll be relocating shortly; if you wish to follow my new blog, you can email me at for the link or message me over at . I’ve only just now reserved the URL and it’s very much under construction, so I’ll appreciate your patience while I get everything squared away in the next few days. For archival purposes, however, I will leave this blog up.

There are a lot of reasons behind this move, but the biggest one has become a recent development in my personal cosmology. Second to this is my desire to distance myself from what has become of some circles of ‘Luciferians’. Unfortunately it’s gone the way of a popularity contest, which I feel is wasteful and doesn’t represent what I believe. In addition to that, the behavior of some of those individuals who have claimed the label since I became involved in social media circles is, frankly to me, very disturbing. So much so that I no longer wish to associate myself either with the title or those same people that claim it.

And last but not least, and we come to the most important of my reasons, I am very unhappy with how people approach work with the entities that I have come to care about, and the things that I associate with them that I consider sacred. Books, images, and even my own artwork has been stolen for use by other people for their gods even when I have asked that they not be and that people be respectful. All in all, I’m moving towards better defining my path and making it something more personal to me, with no implications or involvement with anyone else. I think it’s better that way for everyone; for my own creativity, my own peace of mind, and most importantly, to let others go their own way without my beleifs impinging on theirs. I plan to work on my own labels and structure from this point foreward.

I thank you all for understanding, and if you’d like, I’ll see you on the other side.